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Las Vegas Strip Clubs

A few months ago, a friend of mine from Las Vegas asked me if I would have the ‘honor’ of being his best man for his wedding. I was flattered, for sure. But the prospect at shelling out thousands of dollars on gifts and celebrations for my best friend from high school wasn’t exactly my idea of an honor. Thankfully, I found a something online that bailed me out of potential bachelor party blues. Not being from there, finding a decent Las Vegas strip club was difficult task enough; negotiating for something I’d be able to afford was another story. This company, however, really made my life easier by setting me up with hot exotic dancers that were – in hindsight – the best deal since sliced bread. First, they took all of the guesswork out of picking which dancers by having a series of customer testimonials about their girls – all of which said they were some of the best strippers in Las Vegas based on looks, dancing talent, and personality. Then they arrange ‘packages’ of dancers to do a variety of things, including ‘interactive’ dancing with each other and with their very willing audience participants. Last, the strippers come to a location of your choosing – in our case a suite in a hotel – letting you make and drink your own alcohol, which more than covers the slight commission the company – HB strippers – makes by matching girls up with bachelor party organizers like myself. All things considered, I would definitely recommend using a company to find strippers if you are unfamiliar with the Las Vegas strip club scene and would like to avoid breaking the bank on your best buddy.

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New York Strip Clubs

As someone who is always on the go, I don’t exactly have time for a serious relationship (strippers, yes). My career is my top priority and I make no apologies for it; I hope to retire by the time I’m 35. But I get as lonely as the next guy, so when I’m on the road, I usually make it a point to research the best gentlemen’s clubs in my destination city. When I’m there, I get all the benefits of dating a stripper without having to date anyone – a luxurious lifestyle, I assure you, if you can afford it. I will say that, of all cities’ clubs, New York strip clubs are by far my favorite to visit when I am in need of company or relaxation. This is almost entirely due to the quality of the girls. Some of the best strippers in the world actually move to New York to be a part of that world. What’s more, as a city that makes a lot of its money from finance, there’s plenty of money to spent at strip clubs when the good old boys celebrate a deal or a bachelor party – and money attracts the “talent.” More than just the good looks or skill of many of the dancers at the gentlemen’s clubs, there is also a vibe I get of real Americana that you don’t find on the coasts – New York, Miami, or Los Angeles. That’s because New York is grounded in the real America – the part of the country that doesn’t hold people like myself up as role models or heroes of the American dream. Instead, when I’m in New York, I’m just a Yankee looking to have a good time at a gentlemen’s club.

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Local Chicago Strip Clubs

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of closing the acquisition of a chain of strip clubs in Chicago by a private equity fund headquartered in New York – a pleasure that I could bare to repeat again if I were to have the opportunity. First of all, doing due diligence for investments in strip clubs isn’t the hardest job I’ve had: thorough research has never been quite so interesting. Besides that, people in that industry definitely know how to celebrate. Our celebration was a night I can’t forget and want to remember. It all started with some of the finest dining in the city at Charlie Trotter’s restaurant: I had a five-course menu consisting entirely of the best steak cut from Midwestern beef. (Everything you heard about the best steak coming from Chicago is absolutely true.) I was appalled and delighted at the idea of having eaten a dinner focused entirely on beef prepared in diverse ways. From there, we headed to the entertainment part of our evening, checking out some of the best of strip clubs Chicago has to offer. The exotic dancers here were, to my very pleasant surprise, way hotter and way more … interactive … than strippers at most of the joints in New York. Though to us New Yorkers, Chicago gets a rap for being a wintry wasteland, I would definitely think of Chicago as a good place for some of the best strippers and bachelor parties.

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