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Hot Washington DC Gentlemen’s Clubs

A lot of people ask me what I think the quality is of the gentlemen’s clubs in Washington DC. Though I would like to be silly and tell them that everything in DC is better, that really wouldn’t be the honest thing to do (believe me, I’ve been to strip joints in Texas). While it is true that because of the high concentration of high power politics, business, and money strippers are attracted to the capital, gentlemen’s clubs in Washington DC are not necessarily better because they do a few things different from other clubs around. First, clubs in DC usually charge a very steep cover – steeper than New York – figure $60. Want a drink? You’ll be shelling out about $20 for anything …

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Washington DC Strip Clubs

On my last visit to Washington to lobby Barney Frank I took him to one of the many DC strip clubs that were recommended to me by friend Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Frank and I were both delighted by the high caliber of the dancers – they were attractive, attentive, and skilled at their craft – which prompted us to muse about the state of adult entertainment in the capital. It’s a rare day that you’d go into one of the best Washington DC strip clubs and would be there in the absence of any prominent senator, congressman, or politician. Lobbyists like myself know that the best way to a congressman’s agenda is through his – you know – and so we make sure that all …

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DC Strippers

DC Strippers are Young and Fun DC strippers have made a reputation for themselves as some of the most erotic strippers in the country. These girls have worked hard to secure their spot at the top of the list when it comes to cities with the most entertaining nightlife. You’ll find DC strippers that know how to put a smile on any man’s face with their bubbly personalities and youthful glow. Obviously DC is renowned for politics. The nation’s capital has gained a staunch reputation for housing various branches of the government and being a prominent east coast city. What most people don’t know about DC is that this city comes to life in the evening hours and that the local strip clubs boast some …

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