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Chicago Female Strippers

Organizing a bachelors party is no easy task – and being best man is supposed to be an ‘honor.’ Between the expense of booze and boobs, and the difficulty of finding girls who are hot and also like to fun, you might be better off just convincing your buddy to call it off – life as a bachelor is a party on its own! If you’re smart, though, you’ll be able to live up to your title of ‘best man’ without breaking the bank. Chicago female strippers are some of the hottest in the world, yet they’re also some of the most expensive. All of the hedge fund honchos from Citadel and the like, along with the usual constituency of corporate lawyers and mercantile millionaires, …

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Chicago Strippers For Hire

Why not hire Chicago strippers for your next bachelor party? I live in a small town in Vermont and I love to travel. I went to UIC in Chicago and made a lot of friends there. Most of my college buddies were from Illinois and lived in the surrounding suburbs. One of my old roommates recently got hitched and is throwing his bachelor party in Chicago. He no longer has an apartment; he bought a house in Lincoln Park and is having his bachelor party there. His best man just completed his residency and is now reaping the financial rewards of a doctor’s salary. No expense was spared when ordering the hottest female Chicago strippers that money could afford. I thought Rami was only an …

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Chicago Strippers Wild Lesbian Strip Shows

Female strippers in Chicago give the best strip shows I have never seen a lesbian strip show until I went to a private Chicago bachelor party. Chicago Strippers are the most untamed and wild exhibitionists I have ever seen. Jenna and Chelsea were smoking hot female strippers who not only looked good, but were also in phenomenal shape. The girls actually knew what to do with each other as they interacted in sync with the music and introduced elements unique to the industry. I have been to other bachelor parties that had nasty strippers with stretch marks or “cottage-cheese” thighs. It’s too bad those other stripping agencies don’t provide refunds for sending grandma as an exotic dancer. I guess quoting “our exotic dancers have experience” …

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Hot Strippers Chicago Style

I have become obsessed with Chicago city nightlife. Aside from the weather, moving to the Windy City from Arizona has been the best idea I’ve had since renting hotels to throw my birthday parties. Chicago truly ignites my inner passion to indulge my senses with five-star restaurants, clubs, bars and women. Gentlemen’s clubs in Chicago are one of the few places in the world that can happily tie my favorites together under one roof. I enjoy consuming finer foods in the presence of the most breathtaking strippers Chicago has to offer. Not to say that a filet mignon dinner from Ruth’s Chris isn’t bad, a rack of ribs served by an exotic dancer with a rack is always better. Sometimes my friends from the Chicago …

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