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Hot fun with ChicagoStrippers

If you are looking for the best looking female strippers in the nation, you should probably look in the northern states. Chicago girls are full of smiles and unbelievably friendly. With gyms on every corner, and a wide selection of health-conscious restaurants, it is not unusual that the hottest girls in the city are ChicagoStrippers. Chicago is home to a number of elite universities, famous strip clubs, and well-known bars which supports the growth of exotic dancers. I visited a friend whose coworker was having a bachelor party in Chicago. This is where I first observed how good-looking the female strippers from Chicago were. They were a lot taller than the girls I saw in Orange County. I think one of them was an extra …

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Best Stripper Chicago Has Seen

For your next anniversary, try to stay away from the expected Swedish backrub after filet mignon and champagne. I am talking about offering him a surprise he will never forget. Kama Sutra, melting chocolate on his body, and handcuffs combined will not be as successful as becoming the best stripper Chicago has seen. This work in progress, the masterful striptease, is an aesthetic hallmark of seducing the opposite sex. There are a few key points to putting on a good show. First, set the mood for the night. It is important to create a stress-free atmosphere in which all attention can be focused on each other. Main distractions need to be eliminated including all media devices such as a phone, TV, and radio. Soft lighting …

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Elite Chicago Stripper

If you live in Illinois and have shopped around for an experienced Chicago stripper for a private party, there’s a good chance you came across a few stripping agencies. The Chicagoland area is greatly serviced by a vast quantity of exotic dancers who work just as much inside strip clubs as they do for private bachelor and bachelorette parties. The high demand for adult entertainment can cause headaches for party planners who want specific strippers to show at their parties. Do not give up hope. The best Chicago strip clubs have private VIP rooms where you can host your bachelor party in a fancy red velvet plush champagne room where the action can go as far as your dollar stretches. Even better, Chicago attracts beautiful …

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Hot Strippers in Chicago

There is nothing simple about organizing a bachelor party, from having catered food to renting extravagant bars. It is even more difficult to find hot strippers in Chicago who have a great personality and also like to have fun. With all of the bachelor party nightmares that I have heard about, it is almost easier to convince your best friend to not have the party. There is a way to gain honor as best man without cashing in your grandma’s savings bonds. Chicago is amongst the top five cities in the nation for having the biggest selection most expensive talent. This highly competitive market attracts a wide range of endowed female strippers. Chicago’s community of lawyers, doctors, and corporate millionaires, make for a luxurious and …

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Twins Order Two Hot Chicago Strippers

Joe - FL

My twin sister Jenna is a free spirit who knows how to have a good time. I’m a bit more straight-laced and conservative, but I was her maid of honor and I had to make sure that her bachelorette party was as sexy and fun as Jenna is. So I decided that I needed to find a hot male stripper to entertain Jenna and her bridesmaids. After hearing a few horror stories about strippers not showing up and completely ruining entire bachelorette parties, I was extremely nervous. The last thing that I wanted was to disappoint Jenna and live up to my unpleasant reputation as the boring twin. A friend told me that Hunks and Babes was a reputable company that had some of the …

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