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How to Get the Best from Your St. Paul Male Strippers

This all seems like common sense but generally gets disregarded.

Keep Away From Demanding More for Your Money

You are a deal hunting legend! Going against your penny-wise habit appears counter intuitive. Not when it applies to renting St. Paul male strippers. This is probably your first (and final) time hunting for a guy. You need this once in a lifetime celebration for your girlfriend to be special. Why let an additional $20 to $45 wreck the opportunity of you having a perfect night?

We compensate our best guys with the highest rates in St. Paul. How does this help you? Every stripper in every city is independent. Hesitant to share with you, many dancers skip work if a different company is forking out more money. The “Channing Tatum” you booked Saturday night at 9PM for $120 is not coming because he has an 8PM for $190.

Understanding Stripper Economics and B-listers

Remember learning supply and demand? The most highly demanded dancers get much more work than they can take. Logically since they can only perform so many strip shows, they take ones that make them the most money. The other side of the coin is about the not so famous dancers.

The B-list male stripper does not get asked for and works for $55 or less. Imagine a 41 year old male with a liquor problem showing up at your party. Your guests will blame you. Not his wrong doing, you wanted to conserve cash. So what should you search for when hiring a male stripper? Trust your intuition and steer clear of using a company that utilizes male dancers from the B-list.

Your St. Paul Bachelorette Party Only Needs One Dancer

One gentleman is enough to cover novelty and tradition. In the rare circumstance you require 2 or more male strippers just split the order with a different agency. Sometimes there is a good rapport with the stripper and you want the guy to hangout.
Here are the 3 number one ways to get your male stripper to stay a bit longer (if you like him):

– Always tip a little preceding the performance. Save all the singles for during the show.
– You still have to value his time even though he was late. Do not make a dancer wait around.
– incorporate your exotic dancer with a toast to the guest of honor. Raise your cocktails in the air!

Easily Avoid Most Calamities by Ordering St. Paul Male Strippers Now

You can avoid these troubles by employing our service to get entertainment. We deliver you our top guys at reasonably priced prices. They all exceeded a 15-point background inspection including criminal and substance misuse audits. Find what you need displayed in this web page, just scroll back to the top and pick someone!
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