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New York Strip Clubs

As someone who is always on the go, I don’t exactly have time for a serious relationship (strippers, yes). My career is my top priority and I make no apologies for it; I hope to retire by the time I’m 35. But I get as lonely as the next guy, so when I’m on the road, I usually make it a point to research the best gentlemen’s clubs in my destination city. When I’m there, I get all the benefits of dating a stripper without having to date anyone – a luxurious lifestyle, I assure you, if you can afford it. I will say that, of all cities’ clubs, New York strip clubs are by far my favorite to visit when I am in need …

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New York Bachelor Party Planning Tips

Planning a New York bachelor party with some HOT STRIPPERS? Whether you and the future groom already reside in the city or if you are taking a special trip out to New York for the party the following article will provide you with some helpful tips for planning your party. Tip #1 Give yourself enough time to plan out the New York bachelor party in advance. Let’s face it, guys are not always the best planners. Make sure that you select a guy from your group that is good at making plans, this way you know that things will get taken care of. Although you can wing it and still have a great time in New York, you could be missing out on a great …

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New York Strippers in Manhattan

Manhattan New York Strippers for your birthday party My last visit to New York was quite memorable because I was able to take my best friend out on a night of the town. I took Dennis to one of the many New York strip clubs that was recommended to me by John Travivi, owner of Girls in Paradise. Dennis and I were very pleased by the excellent care received from the New York strippers – they were hot, interactive, and had amazing talent. VIP treatment stretched beyond my imagination and into the category of barely legal as my friend Dennis received “special attention” behind the red velvet curtain. I had to thank my aficionado of New York female strippers for directing me to the right …

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