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New York Bachelor Party Planning Tips

Planning a New York bachelor party with some HOT STRIPPERS? Whether you and the future groom already reside in the city or if you are taking a special trip out to New York for the party the following article will provide you with some helpful tips for planning your party. Tip #1 Give yourself enough time to plan out the New York bachelor party in advance. Let’s face it, guys are not always the best planners. Make sure that you select a guy from your group that is good at making plans, this way you know that things will get taken care of. Although you can wing it and still have a great time in New York, you could be missing out on a great …

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New York Exotic Dancers

I would like to share an experience that I had with an amazing company who pulled out all the stops to make sure that my NY bachelor party was very successful. The easy to use website put me at ease when ordering the dancers that I wanted. I have been searching around for hours online to multiple search engines and I came across many sites that threw up red flags. At Hunks and Babes, the pictures of the New York female strippers were up-to-date and accurate. I have used other stripping companies from New York and some agencies had their dancers drive out to NY all the way from New Jersey. Most of the time I was severely disappointed because either the girls were really …

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The Most Talented Female Strippers in New York

When it comes to strip clubs, New York City blows away the competition with not only infinite choices of places to go, but quality of service also. The hottest female strippers in New York are actually dentists, doctors, lawyers, and other immigrants that came to America to change their lives. The easiest way to get started making cash every night is to become a stripper. NY gentlemen’s clubs are jam-packed with the melting pot of hot exotic dancers ranging from cute Polish princess strippers to tall and dark Russian exotic dancers. Today’s economy deters many clienteles from attending elite strip clubs in the Big Apple. Let’s face it, lap dances are very expensive but what is the price you would pay to take your mind …

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Male Strippers at a New York Bachelorette Party

Hello, my name is Tina and I want to tell you how great of a job Christy did in organizing my best friends bachelorette party last month. I was a little hesitant to order a male stripper because of the stories I have heard from my friends. I’m so glad I found Hunks and Babes because they sent me two of the hottest New York male strippers in town. They were extremely entertaining and everyone had a great time. Weeks before the party did not go as smoothly. Planning a bachelorette party for my best friend was a nightmare because of the high expectations set for it. I’ve never planned a party with more than 30 girls, so I did not want to disappoint everyone. …

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Hotel Strippers in New York

I like to watch hot female strippers dance when I visit New York. The last time I had a business trip to New York, I decided to take my friends along to visit the nightlife after the meeting. After going to the local gentleman’s clubs, we still have a lot of energy to expend and do not want to go home. At the last minute, he rented a hotel room and ordered to female New York strippers from an adult entertainment agency late at night. My colleagues and I were very impressed with the dancers that showed up at our door. We had room 407 rented out late Saturday night in the W. Hotel in New York. Both Luna and Maria showed up tone, trimmed, …

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New York Businessman Male Strippers

Kim - TX

Did you ever fantasize about that hot businessman you crossed on the way to work? New York men are aggressive when it comes to keeping their minds and bodies sharp and in shape. There tall figure in sharp expensive suits make it a fantasy for every girl to unwrap. The New York gentlemen are always perfectly groomed and look like they walked out of GQ magazine. These are the kind of guys that make your heart skip a beat. These hard-working New York businessmen have been having financial difficulty because of the hard economic times and have forced themselves into making extra money by means they thought they would never get into. That’s right; your sexy, star-studded male Revue show that you had at your …

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Female New York Strippers Star in the Wildest Bachelor Parties

The hottest female exotic dancers perform live at a NY bachelor party. Bachelor parties in New York city are so ridiculous, they can be made into a mini TV series with all the wild things that happen. Female New York strippers oftentimes go above and beyond what’s expected especially behind closed doors of a private party with seemingly unlimited amounts of alcohol. Throwing ultimate strippers got and what traits they did with which one of their friends. Taking whipped cream shots off of perfectly sculpted boobs handcrafted and meticulously tailored by some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the nation. You get so lost in a moment of opportunity, you forget that you are allergic to whipped cream and possibly risk your own life …

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Male New York Strippers

New York male strippers are professional and cute! Most major cities that offer adult entertainment have high-quality male exotic dancers. Las Vegas may have more male strippers because most of them have full-time jobs as exotic dancers because the male revue shows occur seven days a week. New York strippers stick out as highly skilled entertainers because of the diverse surroundings they grew up in. Since New York is a melting pot of the nation, most of the male strippers who perform at nightclubs and private parties are able to tailor their shows to specific ethnicities. First of all, New York contains the highest quantity of population in United States second to Los Angeles. What that means for you is that by sheer odds, there …

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Employment as a Hot Female New York Stripper

Jasmin - GA

Have you ever considered employment as a New York female stripper? Hello everybody! I’m one of the female strippers that performs at bachelor parties in New York. My name is Spicey and I believe that I am one of the hottest female strippers in New York. Over the past few years I have worked for many different stripping agencies and gentleman’s clubs around New York and the surrounding boroughs. HBstrippers has offered me more than just empoyment, they have welcomed me into a family of trust and leadership. One of the biggest problems I’ve had working for other stripping agencies was that the owners of the other businesses I worked for kept threatening me and putting me into uncomfortable situations. I can tell you for …

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Sexy Fantasy Strippers in New York

New York Fantasy Strippers I’m a pretty open-minded and uninhibited girl, so when my fiancé suggested to me that we should have a combined bachelor-bachelorette party; I agreed that it would be a great idea. We live in New York so we figured that there would be many options to explore. We thought about having it at some of the night clubs, or perhaps at one of the female strip clubs but we decided that we wanted something more intimate and comfortable. The two of us finally agreed that we wanted to throw our own private party with some sexy New York Strippers. We rented a VIP suite at a hotel downtown and invited our entire bridal party and a few other close friends. A friend …

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