Las Vegas stripper

In September of last year, I flew out to see my friend who worked in Las Vegas. After I arrived, he asked me to be his best man and plan his bachelor party before the wedding in April. Normally, this would be a simple task, but his fiancée is a well known Las Vegas stripper. I faced problems that best men do not even come close to running into – such as the groom’s future wife knowing any exotic dancer I invite for entertainment. Even if no one took pictures, rumors will get back to his fiancée and I will be responsible for the breakup. Besides the adult entertainment, the rest was easy because I get the best catering, liquor, and place to throw it. …

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Las Vegas Strippers

Pokahontas - GA

I was visiting my friend in Spring Valley, Nevada last week when I was shocked to discover that he was throwing the ultimate bachelor party for his roommate with Las Vegas strippers – at his house! I really picked the perfect time to visit my friend. All the best men had to do was call HB Strippers, which is a stripping agency that allows you to choose the finest female exotic dancers from a repertoire of the most gorgeous females in Vegas. Some of the girls have starred in adult films and were so hot; I couldn’t believe we had a chance to see them live. I would have been happy with just watching Suzy do her solo show, but my friend ordered the ultimate …

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Vegas Strippers

Jasmin - GA

What’s blonde, brunette, buxom, and consistently gawked at? – a group of Las Vegas strippers traveling together to their next party. Where these glamorous female exotic dancers might be going? How about if these half nude hotties take a trip to your room tonight? There is no mathematically calculated lie or expensive binding contracts to get sexy strippers to perform within the confines of your humble abode. The only effort required in your part would be to make a phone call to the country’s most reliable stripping agency that can arrange for hot Vegas strippers to entertain you on a specific date. The best company to hire private strippers is Hunks and Babes. At a bachelor party not too long ago, the best man hired …

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Vegas Stripper

Most people go to Las Vegas to try their luck. The select few who have gotten lucky enough to win at Sin City’s magnificent casinos usually end up having a luxurious celebration. The best way to celebrate in style is to lounge in a red velvet couch smoking a Cuban cigar with a Vegas stripper rubbing your back. Now you can develop a true appreciation for the commodities offered by the nation’s most entertaining city. The best place to be is determined by how deep your pockets go. Vegas does not care if you are married, single, mentally ill, celebrity, doctor, nobody, or broke with borrowed money, it will take everything and anything monetary in exchange for memories good or bad. The type of memory …

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Nude Stripper

I visited over 150 strip clubs in 13 different cities in search of the nation’s best fully nude stripper. The daunting task was compounded by the decision to separate individual party strippers and exotic dancers who work at strip clubs. Analyzing the talent was undoubtedly fun, but I have developed a calculated means to measure qualitative and quantitative criteria to make the grade. The depth and scope of my evaluation went as far as to take in account physical appearance, hygiene, personality, attitude, and their ability to enchant me like the mythical Sirens Aglaopheme and Thelxiepeia. I have determined however, it is impossible to be fair to put the best strippers of Billings Montana up against strippers in Chicago or Las Vegas. Amateur contests and …

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Sexy Strippers

Connecticut is home to the nation’s most sexy strippers. This small New England state not only is known for being influential to the development of our American government, it is also well-known for the advanced development of our nation’s most influential strippers. Exotic dancers pour in from New Haven, Hartford, and even New London. New York and the surrounding New England states supply an ample amount of hot bodies for stripper training – making Connecticut a geographic epicenter for others to follow. The type of strippers a city contains offers insight into the demographic composition of the places they come from. For example New York City often has exotic dancers who are immigrants. This is a great way for them to get started as stripping …

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Party Strippers

Female strippers and exotic dancers

Here are the top reasons why you should go to your best friend’s bachelor party thrown at or around the Boston area: 1.)  He’s your friend! Both through the best and worst of times, you have stuck with each other without getting into a fistfight. Bachelor party night marks the conclusion of his boyhood conquests of banging as many girls as possible and commencement of his journey into manhood. 2.) Party strippers will be there to humiliate the best man and entertain your wildest thoughts by converting them into live visualizations which are permanently burned in your mind. Some of the hottest female strippers in the industry live in Boston and are more approachable and down-to-earth than the strippers in Las Vegas. 3.)  Bachelor parties in …

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Female Stripper

Joanna Summers leaned in towards the man kissing her neck and thought how much longer this fictitious relationship will continue. The handsome brute all over Joanna was Jeffrey Radisson, a Nashville musician who had fallen in love with a female stripper. Jeffrey’s muscular and chiseled body exuded confidence as he worked out five days a week to stay in shape for his concerts. He traveled across the country and had physically demanding tours which lasted for months. This left Jeffrey with no time to have an intimate relationship with any woman, or a woman not willing to accept monetary compensation in exchange for companionship. Joanna was a very flirty and successful female stripper in Nashville. A tough economic time has slowed down business at the …

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Female Strippers

My buddy told me time and again how fun Las Vegas is, he said it’s like an adult version of being a bad kid. I can vouch that I did have a hell of a time in Vegas; however I cannot attest to the merits of Vegas itself, as I was restricted to the whereabouts within the Bellagio Hotel. No, there is not a horseshoe up my rear, but I did end up sleeping in the same hotel that served as a host for the national Las Vegas stripper awards. All of the friends that I met on this trip were professional female strippers. Elegant women from all over the nation descended upon the luckiest hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Although I was not …

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Male Stripper

I can’t believe I had a dream about a male stripper last night. I blame my friend Rachel who had a gentleman dancer entertain the ladies last night. Perhaps it could have been the wine, but I think it was the way Jake made eye contact with me while he performed. I don’t remember the stripper’s name, but he did look a lot like this boy Jake and I used to date in high school. I am a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, but for some reason I found myself as a horny Southern Belle wearing a tight corset, huge curly wig, and poofy panties that would make grandma jealous. I was transported back in time as I found the old town …

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