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Organizing a bachelors party is no easy task – and being best man is supposed to be an ‘honor.’ Between the expense of booze and boobs, and the difficulty of finding girls who are hot and also like to fun, you might be better off just convincing your buddy to call it off – life as a bachelor is a party on its own! If you’re smart, though, you’ll be able to live up to your title of ‘best man’ without breaking the bank.

Chicago female strippers are some of the hottest in the world, yet they’re also some of the most expensive. All of the hedge fund honchos from Citadel and the like, along with the usual constituency of corporate lawyers and mercantile millionaires, make for an expensive exotic nightlife scene, so that even if the dances aren’t super expensive, you still end up paying a fortune to whatever gentlemen’s club you’re attending, from the amount of cover charges and drinks. Thankfully, a company called HB strippers has popped into the business of helping ordinary guys find the hottest Chicago female strippers for bachelor parties or just for fun. They recruit the hottest girls from area clubs and arrange for them to go to your venue of choice – a home, a hotel, a private party room…wherever. They put together ‘packages of dances’ for the party, and then the girls make the rest of their money charging your guests for dances on an individual basis, all while you drink booze you bought at liquor store prices. This is definitely the smart way to be the best man on a budget.

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