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The Dallas Cowboys are famous for having the best looking cheerleaders in the league. Since cheer-leading is such hard physical activity cheerleaders generally only work as cheerleaders until about age 27. Having spent their careers as cheerleaders they have few options available to them career-wise that will make them good money; after all, it’s not like cheer leading pays that well either.

As far as options that do pay, many Dallas female strippers are actually former cheerleaders. Dallas is something of an adult entertainment destination for Texans and it is widely-known that the best dancers work at clubs in Dallas. What most people don’t know, though, is that most of the strippers area clubs are former cheerleaders who have gotten breast implants. (Cheerleaders don’t get breast implants because it makes it difficult for them to do their acrobatics.)

So if you’ve ever thought that you’d like to meet a Cowboys cheerleader or else talk to one, or else see one naked, then you’d probably be well-served by a visit to Dallas, where you’ll find some of the best female strippers who aren’t a day past their prime.

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