Female Stripper

Joanna Summers leaned in towards the man kissing her neck and thought how much longer this fictitious relationship will continue. The handsome brute all over Joanna was Jeffrey Radisson, a Nashville musician who had fallen in love with a female stripper. Jeffrey’s muscular and chiseled body exuded confidence as he worked out five days a week to stay in shape for his concerts. He traveled across the country and had physically demanding tours which lasted for months. This left Jeffrey with no time to have an intimate relationship with any woman, or a woman not willing to accept monetary compensation in exchange for companionship.

Joanna was a very flirty and successful female stripper in Nashville. A tough economic time has slowed down business at the Gentleman’s club she worked at. She figured with fewer traffic coming into the club, should have to capitalize on attracting more men that came in contact with her. Joanna was a town celebrity after she got her surgery to make her an eye-popping 34DD! It wasn’t long until she ran to Jeffrey and his band members who came in late one night after a lengthy onstage performance.

Jeffrey did not care about the clichés of rock band stars dating exotic dancers and offered Joanna an indecent proposal. The most popular female exotic dancer in Tennessee will be Jeffrey’s girlfriend for over two grand a week! Joanna did not have it easy though as she had to look all dolled up seven days a week and had to appear with Jeffrey at all parties, promotions, special events, and even in some cases, family parties. Nothing makes you look more successful than having a hot female stripper on your arm. Those of you who said money can’t buy love did not have the deep pockets of Nashville superstar Jeffrey Radisson.

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