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My buddy told me time and again how fun Las Vegas is, he said it’s like an adult version of being a bad kid. I can vouch that I did have a hell of a time in Vegas; however I cannot attest to the merits of Vegas itself, as I was restricted to the whereabouts within the Bellagio Hotel.

No, there is not a horseshoe up my rear, but I did end up sleeping in the same hotel that served as a host for the national Las Vegas stripper awards. All of the friends that I met on this trip were professional female strippers. Elegant women from all over the nation descended upon the luckiest hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Although I was not invited to the adult entertainment awards, I was able to partake in much of the celebration throughout the hotel. My fortune just hit jackpot limit the most beautiful female stripper named Samantha. Sam grew up in California and moved to Las Vegas when she was 19. I still remember how soft her skin was and how fine she smelled what she came up to me and kissed me on my cheek. I knew I must have saved someone’s life in one of my previous lives to experience meeting this angel Samantha.

Going back to the exotic dancer convention, the Las Vegas stripper awards are held by the best exotic dancers in the nation, and also given to strip club owners who have proven to own and operate the pinnacle of fine adult establishments. Gentleman’s clubs owners have demonstrated the ability to acquire the best female strippers while also maintaining the integrity of a four-star fine dining restaurant.

Samantha did not win female stripper of the year, but she did win a piece of my heart. At the risk of sounding corny, she did show me something about myself that no other woman was able to do.

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