The Hottest Girls Are Female Strippers

A lot of people think that the life and occupation of female strippers is particularly intriguing and glamorous, even though this is far from true. To anyone who’s been to  a popular strip club may have noticed that the dancers are encouraged to flirt on the job, drink while at work, and otherwise get paid to have a good time. But at its core, being an exotic dancer is all business.

First, there’s staying in shape. Female strippers need to be hot to entice clients into buying dances – something that isn’t aided by drinking. So girls need to work out almost every day and even invest in expensive surgical and other cosmetic procedures to keep them looking young, despite all their late night partying – though no amount of working out will keep a female stripper looking hot and young forever.

Then there’s the house’s cut. Gentleman’s clubs don’t make their money from the strippers, but do charge a “commission” for letting strippers work there, in addition to their cover charges and the money they charge for drinks.

Finally, the hours are truly brutal. While you may at a point in your life wherein partying until 5AM every night is your idea of a good time, consider that dancing is actual work – it requires focus and exertion – and so female strippers really work some of the hardest hours under some of the hardest circumstances (dark rooms, loud music, constant drinking, constant gussying) imaginable.

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