Hot Washington DC Gentlemen’s Clubs

A lot of people ask me what I think the quality is of the gentlemen’s clubs in Washington DC. Though I would like to be silly and tell them that everything in DC is better, that really wouldn’t be the honest thing to do (believe me, I’ve been to strip joints in Texas). While it is true that because of the high concentration of high power politics, business, and money strippers are attracted to the capital, gentlemen’s clubs in Washington DC are not necessarily better because they do a few things different from other clubs around.

First, clubs in DC usually charge a very steep cover – steeper than New York – figure $60. Want a drink? You’ll be shelling out about $20 for anything but a beer, which will run you $10. While you’ll get to some great female strippers shake it, you could see strippers in Las Vegas shake it for a lot less at the door.

Then there’s the cost of drinks. If you were thinking of throwing a bachelor party at a Washington DC gentlemen’s club you can forget about it: a bottle of any kind of booze will run you easily $500 and doesn’t include anything to mix the drinks with, let alone any extracurricular activities.

Then there’s the cost of the dancers actually stripping. Think more along the lines of Benjamin Franklin than George Washington. At the high end Washington DC gentlemen’s clubs you can only buy full-length dances and they are absurdly expensive and impersonal if you can’t afford to spend half the amount of the federal government’s current deficit.

Although DC has some of the best strippers known to man, it’s fair to say that the thing that lures them to DC – money – is also a great barrier for the average Joe to have a good time clubs in the area.

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