Hottest Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Your hottest Vegas nights began with careful planning.

Las Vegas Strip Clubs
Hottest Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Planning a bachelor party in your hometown is challenging. Planning a party in another state can be even more difficult without proper preparation. Lucky enough for you, there are plenty of the hottest Las Vegas strip clubs to make sure your party never runs out of hot female strippers. Here are a few tips to make sure your trip to Sin City is extravagantly tantalizing.

You first need to get a head count of all the guys are going to come with you. After getting an estimate of how much it’s going to cost to travel to each strip club, collect the money before hand so that you are not shortchanged at the door. Most of the hottest Las Vegas strip clubs offer discounts online and coupons must be printed out before your arrival. Be sure to run to the bank and get plenty of singles so that your friends who forgot to bring singles can cash in their large bills with you so that everyone has a good time.

The Las Vegas strip clubs are so good they will not want to leave them. Do not plan on going to more than one strip club in any given night. Each club has thousands of girls working there and can be overwhelming hopping from one gentleman’s club to the next. If you want to extend your time with each hot Las Vegas female stripper, just buy them a couple of drinks at a reasonable pace.

You should always tip the bouncers as well as the Vegas exotic dancers so they will not ruin your experience by crowding you. They will be far more lenient when you get closer to the hottest girl strippers you’ll ever see in your life. If you play your cards right, after your strippers shift is over, she will want to go out with you and your friends to the nightclubs and bars until the sun comes up. Viva Las Vegas!