Las Vegas Gentlemens Club

Las Vegas tends to be a rather dualist marketplace: upscale luxury goods for VIP, high-rolling “whales” and then downscale grungy grime for the hoi polloi like you and me. The one market that is the exception to this rule is the market for strip clubs.

Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs really run the whole continuum from posh luxury with heated gold toilets all the way down to shacks without climate control that serve cold beers from coolers. Whatever your budget, there is a place that will provide whatever it is you’re looking for – a good body to look at while you drink away the thought of all the money you lost at the blackjack table.

But just in case you do get lucky at one of the tables, you can rest assured that gentleman’s clubs in Las Vegas are extremely democratic: no one will be denied entrance because of not wearing the right clothes or looking sketchy (it is Vegas after all). Of course, hefty cover charges will be applied to anyone who looks like they might not be able to drop a thousand dollars on entry just to make sure that they really know what they’re getting into.

Whichever kind of joint you prefer to visit (or not visit, as the case may be), the market for lap dances in Las Vegas provides an interesting example of an exception to the dualistic market for goods and services in the area.

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