Jasmin - GA

Los Angeles Male Strippers

A friend of mine asked me to throw her a bachelorette party in Los Angeles, even though I’ve never even been to California. Obviously the first arrangement that I need to make was finding the best male strippers in Los Angeles to invite to her party. Thankfully, I found an awesome company, HB strippers, that finds the hottest exotic dancers from actual strip clubs (Chippendale’s, etc) and who will arrange for them to come to your party on one of their days or nights off.

Because Los Angeles male strippers are required to take at least 3 days off of work per week, they’re more than happy to work for a little less money on their days off: This meant that I got top male strippers for my friend’s bachelorette party for much less than it would have cost me to take everyone to the strip club – especially since the hunky guys they send take most of their payment in cash (ie, tips given to them by your friends.) Plus, we got to drink our own drinks, eat our own food, and see our own male strippers live in the comfort and privacy of my friend’s apartment. Not only did I save a lot of money, but I gave my friend a bachelorette party that she’ll never forget – for better or for worse.