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Los Angeles Strip Clubs

If you think you can just waltz into any Los Angeles strip club and get action, you are sure to be disappointed. Out of all exotic dancers in all cities, strippers at Los Angeles strip clubs are the least likely to give it up. This is true for a few reasons.

First, girls who work in Los Angeles strip clubs work in them only because being a female stripper pays a lot better than being a waitress. Since most of the strippers in Los Angeles are aspiring actresses or models, there will be little funny business in the champagne room – unless, of course, you’re a producer, casting director, or can convincingly convey to an actress that you are either of these.

Second, Los Angeles strip clubs run tighter security than the clubs in other cities. Because many clubs in the area are owned by  larger “investment groups” security processes and ‘extras’ have been standardized and regulated by owners or franchisees who want their businesses to be as legitimate as possible because owning a club pays so well.

Lastly, you probably won’t get lucky at a Los Angeles strip club because of the high level of competition. Who are you, anyway? If you’re reading this, chances are that you aren’t the type of guy who can truly impress anyone with his game or his wallet.

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