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I have traveled across America to witness the performances of male strippers. After attending many male revue shows, only the best are selected to join the HB Strippers team. I have documented specific traits that the certain gentleman exotic dancers possessed. The following four major cities have made major contributions to the training and development of America’s top male strippers.

Male strippers in Chicago have a burlesque quality about them. The weekly male stage show performances at the Pink Monkey in Chicago are quickly gaining popularity much like the competitive male revue show called the Thunder from Down Under. This male revue show in Chicago is called the Chicago Hunks and includes a performance unmatched in quality and structure. One or two male strippers sing a song during the show to win over the female audience. Between the female comedian that warms up the audience before the show, the hot male strippers from Chicago, and the dynamic videos and lighting, there is nothing like a show from the Chicago Hunks to make your night anything but ordinary.

Male Review Shows in Las Vegas are methodical operations of masculine proportions. The wide range of talent coming from local and abroad combine to create a synergistic show comprised of exotic adventures. Male strippers in Las Vegas are among the best paid in the world. The unusual pay scale causes the performers to have a cocky attitude. Many Las Vegas male strippers work 6 to 7 days a week which gives them an unfair advantage over Chicago or Los Angeles strippers who were three or four nights a week. The sheer mass numbers of female audience members that get pumped through the Las Vegas strip clubs contribute to the financial success of these lucky male strippers.

New York male strippers are as diverse as the boroughs the live in. The beefy chaps from the Bronx can bring an attitude not seen by other US male strippers. The queens that come from Queens have that extra flair in their step that may not be liked by some members of the female audience. Only male strippers in Los Angeles have a higher percentage of gay male exotic dancers in the industry compared to New York. Male revue shows in New York have more of a theatrical overtone because of lighter footwork and smaller body frames. The New York gentleman performers have an ability to accurately dance hip-hop as opposed to the lampoon style of amateur strippers found at local strip clubs.

Male strippers in Los Angeles are nimble and flexible enough to perform more salsa dancing than the other exotic dancers throughout the country. This typically may not be categorized as mannish behavior, but ordinary male strippers do not to win the hearts of their female audience members like the LA male strippers do. I can personally do without the flamboyant costumes that are found in the Los Angeles male revue shows, but it is still great adult entertainment.

In conclusion, I have found that male strippers in highly populated cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago perform brilliant male revue shows compared to less populated states like Idaho or Wyoming. I believe the large void in provision of male revue shows can be filled with the traveling team of superstar male strippers called the Chicago Hunks.

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