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Miami Strip Clubs
Miami Strip Clubs

Florida was one of the best places to hang out when I was in my early 20s. I just remember my 21st birthday how excited I was to walk into my first Miami strip club. Since then, I frequented the local gentlemen’s clubs all throughout Florida have grown accustomed to the most beautiful ladies in the exotic dancing industry.

It all started with my friend Paul who decided to take me to one of the many Miami strip clubs. We a large group of guys, including five friends I have known since grade school. I remember the first lap dance I got from a gorgeous black female stripper called Keisha. She moved her but really slow which giggled on my lap. I was nervous at first, but then as I felt more comfortable, I enjoyed the focused attention I received. Little did I know for the next 30 years I would spend almost half of my paycheck on Miami strippers!

Most Miami strip clubs charge a cover fee, but since I know all the bouncers, they let me in for free. I always bring a group of friends with because they are complementary with my entry. When I’m inside the gentlemen’s club, almost everything is complementary except for the lap dances. I always tip the girls well and buy a few shots or drinks.

The best Florida female exotic dancers are the ones that come from Cuba and Jamaica. I like the dark skin girls with a thick, round, Brazilian booty. The girls that work inside the club are so professional; you would almost swear that they can make their butt talk to you. The adult industry in Miami has suffered slightly because lack of tourism combined with a weak economy these less people with discretionary income. This is why you see most of the locals such as me spending money on Miami strip clubs rather than tourists who keep the girls active and on their toes.

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