Hot New York Strip Clubs

New York Strip Clubs
New York Strip Clubs

When it comes to five star dining, luxurious amenities, and celebrity treatment, no other place in the country will give you these sensations other than a few infamous New York strip clubs. Becoming a member of an elite gentlemen’s club in the Big Apple is easy if you know the right people or have an abundance of money. If you have neither of these, it would be wise to team up with someone who can show you the way.

Unlike nightclubs in New York, it is not about the way you dress, or amount of people in your group. It’s strictly comes down to either who you know that works the club, or how much money you’re going to tip the doorman. Once you get past the gatekeeper, you are bestowed upon a world of heaven which includes a melting pot of the hottest New York female strippers.

New York strip clubs are stuffed to the brim with wannabe actresses, movie stars, and singers. These girls travel from all over the world to make it big in the states. These girls watch American TV reality shows like “dancing with the stars” and “American Idol” with hopes to become famous overnight. Their dreams quickly get shattered as they discover the only to generate income is to work as an exotic dancer inside premier New York gentlemen’s clubs.

Names and locations constantly change, so it is difficult to list common clubs here. Ten’s Cabaret is in the heart of downtown NYC and is fairly inexpensive to see some of the best good-looking female exotic dancers. Lace Clubs of New York is a traveling gentlemen’s club that goes for major city to city displaying the country’s most talented female strippers. The VIP club offers a plush atmosphere with pricey drinks and expensive lap dances. Just drop the name Hunks and Babes to any of these establishments and receive either free admission or discounted tickets. Please enjoy the best the city has to offer by experiencing live lap dances from the hottest New York female strippers.

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