Nude Stripper

I visited over 150 strip clubs in 13 different cities in search of the nation’s best fully nude stripper. The daunting task was compounded by the decision to separate individual party strippers and exotic dancers who work at strip clubs. Analyzing the talent was undoubtedly fun, but I have developed a calculated means to measure qualitative and quantitative criteria to make the grade. The depth and scope of my evaluation went as far as to take in account physical appearance, hygiene, personality, attitude, and their ability to enchant me like the mythical Sirens Aglaopheme and Thelxiepeia.

I have determined however, it is impossible to be fair to put the best strippers of Billings Montana up against strippers in Chicago or Las Vegas. Amateur contests and bikini strip clubs were ruled out because I was looking for a professional nude stripper. As the 2nd place Chicago definitely captured my heart, Willow performed everything perfectly to win my vote. The Brazilian females of Miami and the perfect bodies that reside in Los Angeles both tied for number three. The nude strippers in Las Vegas had a stage presence and affinity for making me feel like a celebrity every time I went. Hands down, Tabitha from Las Vegas is the best nude stripper in the nation because of her friendly conversation, interactive strip teases, and excellent club manners when negotiating lap dances and alternate entertainment.

I frequently visit elite strip clubs in the top six major cities across the nation, but there is one smaller city I would like to mention for its talent. Boston strippers have unique flair for balancing a flamboyance style of dominatrix without overdoing roughness. Sandy is too pretty to wear a latex mask, but that adds to the enticement of me knowing what lies beneath that cat suit. The quaint atmosphere combined with elaborate role-playing makes give Boston nude strippers and honorable mention.