Florida has Gorgeous Female Strippers

Ah, the women of Florida definitely have something special about them. There is something that is entirely exquisite to them. They have that sun-kissed glow that radiates from their skin and that shiny, long beach-tousled hair. Florida girls have fantastically toned bodies from days spent rollerblading around and dancing at the clubs at night. And they always seem to be so carefree and spontaneous, as if life is meant to be one endless party. I like the women from Florida, and I really like the Florida strippers. When I select a Florida stripper I want to find a girl that encompasses everything that I like about my home state. I want her to have the Florida body, the Florida attitude, and the Florida dance moves. …

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Incredible Male Dancers

male strippers

The constant search for hot male strippers continues on Hunks and Babes. Chances are that if you have looked for male dancers before you have noticed that all of these guys aren’t the same. There are guy strippers that keep their bodies in perfect shape and that will put on a fantastic show that will leave you wanting more, and then there are guys that need to find another job. If you want to make sure that the stripper that you order for your party is everything that you want him to be, only deal with a reputable agency. I have found a company that operates across the country that always supplies me with the finest male strippers around. I want to hire male dancers …

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Bachelor Party in Virginia

I am by no means a bachelor party expert, but I do know quality bachelor party when I see one. There are very few strippers that have the total perfect package which includes having a great body, cute face, and outstanding personality. Most strippers just have one or two out of the three qualities which I believe are important. My friends bachelor party in Virginia was one to go down in history books. My friend John finishes internship for becoming a doctor at a hospital in Richmond. His coworkers are all rich doctors who needed an excuse television have a good time. They managed to schedule time off and plan for the ultimate bachelor party with an unlimited budget. Needless to say, they spent most …

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Boston Strip Club Strippers

Female strippers for hire

Last time I visited Boston; there were quite a few strip clubs to visit. I had enough time to visit most of them, but I have found that the best Boston strippers work for stripping agencies that cater to private parties. The girls were pretty agencies put on elaborate exotic shows which involves toys and leaves nothing to the imagination. Having one female stripper in the privacy of your hotel room creates a relaxed situation because you do not get harassed by bouncers who work inside the strip clubs. Most of the girls have a driver which ends up being very friendly because they work for tips also. You can see the difference in attitude a female stripper has working in a relaxed environment by …

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Entertainers in Los Angeles California

LA, New York, and Chicago are a reflection of the people who work there. You can tell a lot about a city through the talent that is employed there. More specifically, the strippers who work are a mere reflection of the demographic composition for the rest of the state. Entertainers in Los Angeles California make it big through persistence and dedication. New York City has dancers that come from overseas without any legal paperwork. Some girls that were studying to be teachers, lawyers, or even doctors are trying to make it big by stripping for cash. Chicago has the surrounding suburbs to feed in fresh farm girls each week who are willing to bare it all for the barons and stock market tycoons who dish …

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Bachelor Party Striptease Without the Strip Club

It is nice to know that there are trustworthy people and companies out there to do business with. After speaking with Christy for a few minutes, I received a good vibe that I was dealing with a professional stripping agency that cared about my party. Hunks and Babes Strippers has done a wonderful job of collecting experienced and hot exotic dancers. I began using that company since I was 19 years old and have been using them ever since. I have never been let down and have not been disappointed with their service. I do not travel, but I can see this company being more convenient to work with since they have most of the major cities covered. If I lived in New York, I …

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Hotel Strippers in New York

I like to watch hot female strippers dance when I visit New York. The last time I had a business trip to New York, I decided to take my friends along to visit the nightlife after the meeting. After going to the local gentleman’s clubs, we still have a lot of energy to expend and do not want to go home. At the last minute, he rented a hotel room and ordered to female New York strippers from an adult entertainment agency late at night. My colleagues and I were very impressed with the dancers that showed up at our door. We had room 407 rented out late Saturday night in the W. Hotel in New York. Both Luna and Maria showed up tone, trimmed, …

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Chicago Strippers

Chicago has the HOTTEST Strippers As a well-traveled business man, I have seen a lot of places. I know what each city has to offer. If you are looking to find the best female strippers, Chicago takes that title. The girls from the Windy City can really blow your mind. A lot of people wrongfully assume that Vegas strippers are the best. I’ve been to Vegas and the strippers are talented, but you can see it in their eyes that they are more concerned with making money than having a good time. I have been to LA, and while they have some of the most beautiful women in the world, they aren’t necessarily the most hospitable. I like the girls from Miami, they are exotically …

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New York Businessman Male Strippers

Kim - TX

Did you ever fantasize about that hot businessman you crossed on the way to work? New York men are aggressive when it comes to keeping their minds and bodies sharp and in shape. There tall figure in sharp expensive suits make it a fantasy for every girl to unwrap. The New York gentlemen are always perfectly groomed and look like they walked out of GQ magazine. These are the kind of guys that make your heart skip a beat. These hard-working New York businessmen have been having financial difficulty because of the hard economic times and have forced themselves into making extra money by means they thought they would never get into. That’s right; your sexy, star-studded male Revue show that you had at your …

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New York Male Strippers Perform Revue shows

Some of the nations hottest entertainment takes place inside of New York gentlemen’s clubs. I consider myself high maintenance and enjoy the finer things life has to offer, one of those things is being entertained by hot male strippers. I have seen Revue style shows performed by various strippers across the country that performed in Las Vegas. I also seem dancers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. The New York male strippers were the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. They’ll head perfect bone structure with a sharp jaw line and chiseled body with rock hard abs. New York strippers are very personable and like to entertain hot girls like me and my friends. The importance of online male strippers having great personalities …

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