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Las Vegas Gentlemens Club

Las Vegas tends to be a rather dualist marketplace: upscale luxury goods for VIP, high-rolling “whales” and then downscale grungy grime for the hoi polloi like you and me. The one market that is the exception to this rule is the market for strip clubs. Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs really run the whole continuum from posh luxury with heated gold toilets all the way down to shacks without climate control that serve cold beers from coolers. Whatever your budget, there is a place that will provide whatever it is you’re looking for – a good body to look at while you drink away the thought of all the money you lost at the blackjack table. But just in case you do get lucky at one …

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Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the place to go if you’re looking to try your luck. Well, if you’re feeling lucky or have gotten lucky at any of the city’s dozens of casinos, you’ll probably want to celebrate in style and luxury. That’s where you’ll need to learn to appreciate the spectacle that is the Las Vegas strip club. Average strip clubs in Las Vegas are four times larger than the average of the biggest clubs in all other cities. Consider this: the biggest strip club in Las Vegas is the size of two Wal-Marts, employing over 3,000 dancers and serving food and alcohol through a total of 16 restaurants and 30 bars. You’re going to need to get really lucky to win enough cash to …

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Hot Washington DC Gentlemen’s Clubs

A lot of people ask me what I think the quality is of the gentlemen’s clubs in Washington DC. Though I would like to be silly and tell them that everything in DC is better, that really wouldn’t be the honest thing to do (believe me, I’ve been to strip joints in Texas). While it is true that because of the high concentration of high power politics, business, and money strippers are attracted to the capital, gentlemen’s clubs in Washington DC are not necessarily better because they do a few things different from other clubs around. First, clubs in DC usually charge a very steep cover – steeper than New York – figure $60. Want a drink? You’ll be shelling out about $20 for anything …

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Washington DC Female Strippers

I had the pleasure of visiting our nation’s capital for the first time just a couple of months ago to attend my friend’s bachelor party. My friend is a lobbyist there and is getting ready to tie the knot to a prominent politician, so he left the arrangement of a quiet and private evening to one my friends – an aficionado of exotic dancers – who booked a suite in the Watergate hotel, bought plenty of premium booze, and ordered the hottest female strippers Washington DC has to offer to come to the suite and entertain us and our soon-to-be-hitched friend just days before his wedding. (He did not have sexual relations with any of those women.) I was amazed that he was able to …

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Washington DC Strip Clubs

On my last visit to Washington to lobby Barney Frank I took him to one of the many DC strip clubs that were recommended to me by friend Nancy Pelosi. Mr. Frank and I were both delighted by the high caliber of the dancers – they were attractive, attentive, and skilled at their craft – which prompted us to muse about the state of adult entertainment in the capital. It’s a rare day that you’d go into one of the best Washington DC strip clubs and would be there in the absence of any prominent senator, congressman, or politician. Lobbyists like myself know that the best way to a congressman’s agenda is through his – you know – and so we make sure that all …

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Nashville Strip Clubs

If you’re ever in Nashville and looking for a good place to rest your head, skip the hotel and head instead to one of the many great Nashville strip clubs. There you will find many a place to rest your weary head, along with great company from the country’s best exotic dancers. Did you know that the largest boobs in the US can be found at a strip club in Nashville? They are size triple-L, made of pure polypropylene, and weigh about 30 lbs each. Talk about a heavy pillow! Gentlemen’s clubs in the area have more to offer than just freak show breasts, though. What you’ll be delighted to find is that they are, in general, fare less expensive than strip clubs of their …

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Nashville Strippers

Nashville is famous for two things: music and women. If you’re in town and looking for the former, pop into nearly any of the good barbecue joints and you’re bound to hear some good country music. If you’re looking for the latter, however, you’re in even more luck because Nashville strippers are some of the most beautiful in the world. This is speaking from experience. When my friend was organizing rush at a fraternity at his college in the area, he invited me to one of their rush parties. There I fell in love with a pair of Nashville strippers – college students – who had been invited to the party through a service that arranges outcalls for the best strippers in town. For way …

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The Hottest Girls Are Female Strippers

A lot of people think that the life and occupation of female strippers is particularly intriguing and glamorous, even though this is far from true. To anyone who’s been to  a popular strip club may have noticed that the dancers are encouraged to flirt on the job, drink while at work, and otherwise get paid to have a good time. But at its core, being an exotic dancer is all business. First, there’s staying in shape. Female strippers need to be hot to entice clients into buying dances – something that isn’t aided by drinking. So girls need to work out almost every day and even invest in expensive surgical and other cosmetic procedures to keep them looking young, despite all their late night partying …

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Male Strippers

Deception - IL

I have traveled across America to witness the performances of male strippers. After attending many male revue shows, only the best are selected to join the HB Strippers team. I have documented specific traits that the certain gentleman exotic dancers possessed. The following four major cities have made major contributions to the training and development of America’s top male strippers. Male strippers in Chicago have a burlesque quality about them. The weekly male stage show performances at the Pink Monkey in Chicago are quickly gaining popularity much like the competitive male revue show called the Thunder from Down Under. This male revue show in Chicago is called the Chicago Hunks and includes a performance unmatched in quality and structure. One or two male strippers sing …

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Los Angeles Male Strippers

Jasmin - GA

A friend of mine asked me to throw her a bachelorette party in Los Angeles, even though I’ve never even been to California. Obviously the first arrangement that I need to make was finding the best male strippers in Los Angeles to invite to her party. Thankfully, I found an awesome company, HB strippers, that finds the hottest exotic dancers from actual strip clubs (Chippendale’s, etc) and who will arrange for them to come to your party on one of their days or nights off. Because Los Angeles male strippers are required to take at least 3 days off of work per week, they’re more than happy to work for a little less money on their days off: This meant that I got top male …

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