Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the place to go if you’re looking to try your luck. Well, if you’re feeling lucky or have gotten lucky at any of the city’s dozens of casinos, you’ll probably want to celebrate in style and luxury. That’s where you’ll need to learn to appreciate the spectacle that is the Las Vegas strip club.

Average strip clubs in Las Vegas are four times larger than the average of the biggest clubs in all other cities. Consider this: the biggest strip club in Las Vegas is the size of two Wal-Marts, employing over 3,000 dancers and serving food and alcohol through a total of 16 restaurants and 30 bars. You’re going to need to get really lucky to win enough cash to see everything this place has to offer. Just in case you don’t get quite so lucky, however, the city has taken it upon itself to provide you with lower-cost options.

Not every Las Vegas strip club is a massive and expensive money printing press. For every aspirational luxury place here, there’s also a cheap knock-off. You’ll be able to find many a club advertising $5 dances, $3 drinks, and $1 entry fees just in case your luck at the roulette wheel ran out a few thousand dollars ago.