It is uncanny how the best strippers have full-time jobs and are able to keep those two lives separate. Sarah is a Chicago female stripper who works as a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch. You cannot tell that she has a bachelor’s degree in finance by just looking at her. Her busty figure and blond hair cloaks her ability to mesmerize you with her personality. The drunken conversations started at bachelor parties are always ended by polite and quick witted responses from Sarah. Sarah’s job with the financial firm enables her to exude confidence in her bachelor party strip shows. This attitude combined with her skills developed from working at local strip clubs has helped her become a tangible asset in the adult entertainment industry.

Male strippers who have a full or part-time job usually are more grounded and down to earth than their full-time stripper counterparts. It is easy for a Chicago strippers on this site are well-rounded individuals who make the cut for becoming a Hunks and Babes exotic dancer.