Visiting High Class New York Strip Clubs

There are a lot of New York strip clubs throughout the city. If you are visiting New York on business or if you are just trying to find a strip club that hosts an elite class of women, you need to search for some high class strip clubs. There are New Yorkers with some high end taste; you will be able to find exotic dancers that can satisfy their tastes by searching for the right strip club.

How can you find high class New York strip clubs? You can start by looking online. Most strip clubs have websites that contain photos of their featured girls. The quality of the girls will be the number one discerning factor in whether or not a club is high class. Even if the interior of the club is nothing spectacular you will never notice it if the caliber of the girls is high. The number one factor that makes a club something to remember is a bevy of beautiful, talented, and friendly strippers. Find a sight that contains photos of their dancers and you can see for yourself whether or not you want to patronize the establishment.

New York Strip Clubs
New York Strip Clubs

You can also look for sites that contain photos of the interior of the New York strip clubs. Take a close look at the interior features and the furniture and lighting. Also pay attention to the size of the club. If you are looking to visit a club with throngs of naked women, you want to find a club with a decent square footage. These pictures will tell you a lot about the place so that you can determine whether or not it is the type of establishment that you’d like to go to. The quality of the furnishings will also tip you off as to whether the place has a high revenue and splurges on its interior décor or not.

Also take a look and see if the club serves food and drinks. The menu can also tell you whether or not you are going to a place that boasts the best steak in the city or a club that has 50 cent wings every night. Menus will reveal a little bit more information about what type of clientele the club caters to. Typically, the more expensive the food and drinks, the higher end the clientele that the club caters to. Also look for a club that sells bottles of alcohol and champagne opposed to only offering single drinks which typically is another sign of higher end clientele.

Another tell tale sign of a higher class club will be one that contains a special VIP area for private dances. Whether this area is roped off from the rest of the club or be on a different level of the club, these areas are typically reserved for higher class visitors that are looking for a special experience. If a club’s site mentions a special VIP area then you probably can assume that it is a little bit more upper scale than some of the other clubs within the city.

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