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I had the pleasure of visiting our nation’s capital for the first time just a couple of months ago to attend my friend’s bachelor party. My friend is a lobbyist there and is getting ready to tie the knot to a prominent politician, so he left the arrangement of a quiet and private evening to one my friends – an aficionado of exotic dancers – who booked a suite in the Watergate hotel, bought plenty of premium booze, and ordered the hottest female strippers Washington DC has to offer to come to the suite and entertain us and our soon-to-be-hitched friend just days before his wedding. (He did not have sexual relations with any of those women.)

I was amazed that he was able to get such beautiful and talented female strippers delivered to the hotel; it was as though he had gone out to the best strip clubs in Washington and hand-selected the hottest, most fun strippers to come out especially for our friend’s birthday. And in a sense he had: he called up a service that looks for the best female strippers in DC and books them on their legally-required days off to come to events like ours. My friend paid the service a small commission, paid the girls a reasonable sum of cash, and let them do their thing – which, in case your wondering, was a wild thing.

If you or someone you know is trying to celebrate a bachelor party in Washington DC but is afraid of being seen with a female stripper, it would definitely be worthwhile to check out this service, HB strippers, which recruits and enlists the best strippers around to entertain guys just like you.

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