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If you ever had a stripper at your party, you know the critical components that need to come together to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. This checklist is laid out for you: from choosing the right stripping agency, ordering the best stripper, finding the perfect location, and balancing your party budget. Let’s get started! You must order a stripper from a reputable stripping agency. The most reliable stripping agency in America today is Hunks and Babes. You can say goodbye to the fun factor when your stripper no-shows your best friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party. All of that time planning means nothing without ordering from a stripping agency that has experience to back you up. Now that you know the company you’re going to use, …

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It is uncanny how the best strippers have full-time jobs and are able to keep those two lives separate. Sarah is a Chicago female stripper who works as a financial analyst for Merrill Lynch. You cannot tell that she has a bachelor’s degree in finance by just looking at her. Her busty figure and blond hair cloaks her ability to mesmerize you with her personality. The drunken conversations started at bachelor parties are always ended by polite and quick witted responses from Sarah. Sarah’s job with the financial firm enables her to exude confidence in her bachelor party strip shows. This attitude combined with her skills developed from working at local strip clubs has helped her become a tangible asset in the adult entertainment industry. …

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Amazing Exotic Dancers

There is only one place that I rely on to find amazing exotic dancers. H. and B. Entertainment based out of Chicago is where I order the most experienced and best looking exotic dancers. I trust the stripping agency because they have real photos and pictures of the men and women that work there. There are testimonials about each dancer and their shows. I can do all of my research on one website before I placed my order. Wild party entertainment is always at my fingertips with the easy to use website from this company. The strippers who work at local strip clubs, gentleman’s clubs, or bars also work for The guys and girls get the title of most amazing exotic dancers in the …

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Fun Exotic Dancers

There is a national stripping agency that operates online which allows anyone to order fun exotic dancers for all types of parties. Anytime you want to hire a professionally trained exotic dancer, you should use hunks and babes strippers. You want a dancer that is hygienically perfect with skin tone, texture, color and of course smells delicious. When an exotic dancer enters the room, I want all of my friends to be eager to see the stripper take everything off and show a hot body. When people order strippers, they generally want to see someone in physically better shape than who they are getting married to. You’re also better off having your party and set up a private room so that you can enjoy your …

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Bachelor Party Striptease Without the Strip Club

It is nice to know that there are trustworthy people and companies out there to do business with. After speaking with Christy for a few minutes, I received a good vibe that I was dealing with a professional stripping agency that cared about my party. Hunks and Babes Strippers has done a wonderful job of collecting experienced and hot exotic dancers. I began using that company since I was 19 years old and have been using them ever since. I have never been let down and have not been disappointed with their service. I do not travel, but I can see this company being more convenient to work with since they have most of the major cities covered. If I lived in New York, I …

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Bachelor Party Female Strippers

Order female strippers for your bachelor party Now that I am an old man, I have enough wisdom to share with you my life’s experiences. I have been to so many bachelor parties that I believe it is my civic duty to give you some advice. Everyone wants to throw the ultimate bachelor party and invite the best looking female strippers, but no one knows how to do it or where to begin. First off, stay away from the usual sporting events such as golf or football. The once-in-a-lifetime event that your best friend is getting married should not be celebrated the same way you would celebrate a winning sports team. No one is going to say to three or four years out from now …

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Bachelor Party Planning Advice Order Female Strippers!

Female strippers for hire

Bachelor Party Planning Advice – Order Female Strippers! I’ve been to a good dozen bachelor parties over the past ten years and I’d like to share some advice on what makes a bachelor party one that will be remembered forever opposed to one that will be forgotten the very next day. First of all, a bunch of guys going out and playing a sport or going out to a sporting event can pretty much happen any day of the year, there is nothing special about it. It is fine to do as long as it is a pre-game event and there is something better to follow, but no one is going to be saying, “Golfing was just awesome yesterday; Chris had the best bachelor party …

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