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Las Vegas stripper

In September of last year, I flew out to see my friend who worked in Las Vegas. After I arrived, he asked me to be his best man and plan his bachelor party before the wedding in April. Normally, this would be a simple task, but his fiancée is a well known Las Vegas stripper. I faced problems that best men do not even come close to running into – such as the groom’s future wife knowing any exotic dancer I invite for entertainment. Even if no one took pictures, rumors will get back to his fiancée and I will be responsible for the breakup. Besides the adult entertainment, the rest was easy because I get the best catering, liquor, and place to throw it. …

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Las Vegas Stripper

Deception - IL

The glam, glory, and shimmer of a Las Vegas stripper can warm me faster than a shot of whiskey on a hot summer day. The harder it gets in my financial world, the harder it is for me to forget the burdens that business brings. Making or losing money is as old as the time I spend chasing it. Alcohol is only a temporary fix which now needs to become more powerful as the stresses of work surmount to a point that cannot be overcome. Only the curves of sexy Las Vegas strippers can ease my mind. She drops her hips, looks me straight in the eye, and I can think of nothing more than to be with her. Her hypnotic moves put me into …

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Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

Pokahontas - GA

If your best friend is tying the knot, the best place to have a bachelor party is in Las Vegas Nevada. They use is home to some of the most beautiful girls in the country. With the economy being as bad as it is, it gives you a tremendous opportunity to save money traveling and booking hotels. You can fly all of your friends to Las Vegas and party in your own penthouse suite for the same price you have gone to a gentleman’s club in your local town a few years ago. Instead of going to a strip club in Las Vegas, bring the gentlemen’s club to your hotel room by ordering female strippers from a stripping agency. This gives you the opportunity to …

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Las Vegas Entertainment with Male Dancers

Book your party in a city near you

There is no doubt that Las Vegas is home to the best entertainment in the world. There are many shows to choose from in sin city, but which ones are the best? Most guys and girls go to Vegas to get hitched or often times have a bachelor party. Visiting a local strip club is very economical and easy to do in Las Vegas. Ladies actually have a choice of being entertained by hot male strippers at a Revue show. Bachelorette parties are unique in Las Vegas because of the high degree of talent and choreographed shows prove to be the best option for having a successful party. The male dancers the performance of Vegas male Revue shows perform tricks and stunts that you will …

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Male Strippers in Las Vegas

Check out a hot steamy male revue show in sin city next time you’re there. Male revue shows such as the growingly popular thunder from down under are largely successful in part due to lack of competition with the high demand for the service. A traveling group of male strippers sound like an exotic lifestyle, but is truly hard work and more rewarding than other jobs in the entertainment industry. Unless you live in Nevada, Las Vegas strippers are the only dancers in the country that make insane amounts of cash because of the consistent amount of work that is given. There are many strip clubs in Las Vegas to go to along with adult shows which involves choreographed showgirls dancing in unison with extravagant …

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Criterea For The Hottest Female Strippers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas strippers can be categorized by certain criteria. To make things more interesting when you have an opportunity to evaluate the largest selection of female strippers, it is handy to have this list of criteria that should be considered to conclude the decision of ultimate hot female stripper. Attitude. You need to take note of how the female stripper entices you and keeps your attention. If she turns into a used car salesman and pressures you into purchasing a lap dance before you have a chance to see which color you want, she will lose some points. A great judge of character would be to see how many times she swings by to give you a free sample until you can’t take it anymore …

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