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You’ve Hired a Stripper for Your Party, Now What?

Congratulations, the heavy lifting in your party planning is almost done!  Yeah, we said almost, because we want you and your guests to have the ultimate xxx experience, and for that to happen, there’s still a bit of preparation to be done prior to your party.

Don’t worry, it’s basic party planning, but can easily get overlooked.  However, before we dive into how to prepare for your stripper, let’s take a moment and get hyped!  You just booked your favorite exotic dancer from Hunks & Babes, one of the most trusted stripper agencies, and well on your way to a private room for an unforgettable experience!

3 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Strippers Arrival

  • Tip #1 – Confirm Your Booking

Be proactive and don’t leave anything to chance, call the stripper agency a few days in advance, and ask to confirm your booking date and arrival time for your dancer.  Then, make sure to review and reconfirm the following while on the call:

-Party address and location, include Hotel room number if available, otherwise call back the day of your   party and provide the room number then.
-Primary Person and Contact Details for your Exotic Dancer upon arrival
-Anticipated Striptease Duration

This is also your opportunity to provide any special instructions, for example you may want to let the stripper agency know that you have a shy guest of honor, or that your party has a special theme, or any other information that helps the stripper arrive prepared to enter your party quickly and safely.

  • Tip #2 – Tipping Best Practices

The majority of private party strippers have their own unique exotic dance routine, unless you’ve booked the signature performance of Hunks & Babes 2 Girl Fantasy Show, but even then,  the female strippers will perform additional jaw dropping, over the top, seemingly impossible tricks for an extra tip during the show.

The key here is to tip during the show, and not just after, otherwise you and your friends may miss out on some awesome extras!  Tipping during the show also helps to ensure that your guest of honor and attending friends get that extra special attention in addition to the planned striptease performance.

Some of these extra tricks can cost an additional $20, so make sure to have stacks of single dollar bills on hand for you and your friends to tip the stripper throughout the performance for the best striptease experience!

This encourages your stripper to work that much harder to please everyone at the show, and often for them to stay longer with you and your guests.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Tip #3 – Prepare Your Private Room BEFORE the Stripper Arrives

Whether you are having a private strip tease at your friend’s house, or you’ve rented a room inside a bar for your party, you will also need to get the room ready for action.

The room, for the best experience, your room will need ample seating so that no one is left standing, or worse yet, stuck in a corner unable to see. Also, if the room has poor lighting, don’t hesitate to bring in extra lamps.

Types of chairs, folding chairs or chairs WITHOUT arms always work best for use in strip shows.  While tall bar stools, backless chairs, or chairs with arms are the worst.

Keep in mind your guests can sit on anything, but your stripper needs the right chair style in order to give the best striptease performance.

Guest seating setup, to maximize the view, position your guests chairs in a full circle to ensure everyone is entertained.  Make sure to have a 15 to 20 square foot spacing from the center of the circle for the dancer.

This will give your stripper ample space to showcase their abilities and give the best performance for the group.  In some cases where the hotel room is a bit small, customers have said they simply flipped the bed mattress against the wall in order to create the space needed for the performer.

Music, your exotic dancer will bring their own music and speakers, however, some might be able to use your sound system if you have it already set up.

Make sure your stripper has access to an electrical outlet, you might also want to have an extension cord on hand just in case!

That’s it, implement these 3 Tips, and you and your guests will have the ultimate xxx party experience!