About Nationwide Strippers

The Spark That Fuels Our Agency

Hi, I’m Kat Barnes and I started this business in 1999 because of my personal experience with private party strippers. I’ll spare you the details and just say it did NOT go well.

This incident prompted me to research the industry. I made some connections and soon found myself hiring dancers.

The Flame

Shortly after I rented an office and hired some phone staff. Going further on the road, I have learned many of my entertainers were single moms and dads who rely on your business to help them get by. It became more than just making money.

Today I proudly employ over 600 experienced dancers and service 70+ cities.

This fueled my ambition to grow Nationwide Strippers. I focused on the customer experience and pushed for higher quality entertainment. Better dancers meant stricter standards which forced us to employ only the best of the best.

The Wildfire

Word traveled quickly about the professionalism and ethics I built this company on. Nationwide Strippers quickly expanded into neighboring cities like wildfire.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a team of compassionate people.

I’m giving you access to these talented individuals so that your party’s a huge success! I hope to earn your business. See you at your next party!

Kat Barnes, Owner
Nationwide Strippers