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Emails are answered in the order received and responded to within 24 hours or less. We have been in business since 1999 and are happy to serve you! If you need your answer super fast, 85% of most questions will be answered below. Most calls we get are price quotes because of travel fees and we encourage you to inquire!

Search for a stripper in your area and add them to your cart. When you checkout, please add comments about your party in the notes field. The total price will always be split into a charge on your card and the remaining balance paid to the dancer(s) in cash.

On the day of your party, the entertainers may call you 30 minutes before they are scheduled. The entertainers will arrive with their radio, props, or other gear. You’ll want to show them where to change and pay them before they start.

Once the entertainers have changed into their party attire, they will start their show!

Yes, but there is a disadvantage. Most customers order 1-2 weeks before their party date and will get their choice of dancers. If you order service on the same day you need it, we will send you whomever is available first.

Also, if you do not know what the address of the party is yet, you can still make a reservation for your favorite dancer(s). Most hotel parties have this situation. Please give us the room number no later than the morning of the party.

Prices vary by state but start around $200 for male or female strippers.

Estimated travel fees are $1 per mile outside of 30 miles.

Example 1: If your party is 50 miles from New York City, then $50 will be added to your order total.

Example 2: If your party is 25 miles from Denver, there is no travel fee.

NO, not anymore. Too many customers have been late picking up dancers and holding them for longer times than paid for. You will receive a much better show inside a building.

Yes, just make sure the hotel knows you are having a party. Most hotels welcome your business and may already have a special party room. Otherwise parties can get loud and the hotel has the right to kick everyone out. Just notify the hotel and let them accommodate you.

You must have your cell phone on and with you all night. The entertainer will call the night of the party to get the room number.

Yes, they can meet you at an alternative location within walking distance from the party. If you want it to be a surprise, you must let us know (make a comment in the notes field).

The length of time each entertainer stays is approximate and not guaranteed. Times could be more or less depending on crowd size and participation. You could always get a stripper to stay longer by tipping them. You can go to the bank and get enough singles for everyone. This allows your guests to exchange their larger bills for your singles.

Our minimum guest requirement is 5 people. If you’re party has less than five people, we cannot perform.

Everyone at the party must be 18 years or older.
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We require a credit or debit card payment to ensure our dancers that there is a ‘real’ party. This deposit is refundable only if entertainers are unable to perform at your show. No exceptions. (It’s about a 3% chance that they call in sick).

There is a $25-$100 charge to your card per dancer to reserve entertainment. The remaining cash balance is paid to the entertainer(s) when they arrive. You will receive an email with payment details after we get confirmation of your entertainment.

We accept any Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

Once the entertainer begins their show, there are no refunds and no exceptions. If for some reason you don’t like the entertainer before they start their show, you can call us at that moment so we can offer you a 100% refund. Under no circumstance can you get a refund after the entertainer is paid for service.

No. effective June 1st, 2004 we can no longer accept full credit card payments. We only accept initial deposits on charge cards to reserve the entertainer. The remaining balance must be paid in cash to the dancer on party night.

Our Credit Card Identification name will appear on your statement within 1 to 2 billing cycles under the corporate name of H&B Entertainment

No problem. Make a comment in the notes field at checkout. Please make sure you call us with the address no later than 48 hours before the party.

There is a $50 cancellation fee per dancer. There is no fee for re-scheduling.

Yes. Nationwide Strippers does not store any card information and uses PCI compliant Direct Post Method (DPM) to complete transactions. Please be assured you are protected against any loss, misuse, or theft of your information while ordering on this site.

As with any transmission over the Internet, however, there is always some element of risk involved in sending personal information. In order to try to minimize this risk, we encrypt all information that you submit in making a reservation using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Our security procedures consistently pass the audits conducted by an internationally recognized accounting firm.

NO, not anymore. A large majority of problems occur with parties scheduled after midnight. For the safety of our dancers, please schedule your entertainment no later than 11:00PM.

We will not contact you because dancer’s schedules are constantly re-arranged to cover the most parties in one night. For many reasons (dancers get sick, car breaks down, ect.) our priority is to send you the best available entertainment if last minute changes occur. You can always turn away service at the door for a refund of your deposit.
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Strippers are almost never on time unless it is their first party of the night. They are required to make your party within one hour of scheduled time. Strippers are usually late because they stayed longer at their previous party. You can also get your entertainer to stay later if you tip well.

Please contact us if you have not heard from your stripper and they are more than 30 minutes late.

Note: Allow a 1 hour window for your entertainment to arrive. For example, if you want him or her there at 10pm, please expect them anywhere from 10pm to 11 pm.

Strippers are not required to call you before arrival but strongly encouraged to do so. Please make sure that you have your cell phone with you and regularly check the voice-mail. Some dancers will not show up if you do not answer your phone on party night.

No, the dancer brings a radio and music. If you request a special song, bring the music to the party and ask the entertainer to incorporate it into their show.

No, but tipping is suggested in order for strippers to perform a great show. Singles are always integrated into the stripper’s performance. Please make sure your party guests have tipping money on them to ensure a better party.

Most entertainers do not want naked photos of them in circulation. There are no pictures or video cameras allowed while the dancer is nude. However, it is up to each individual entertainer to make that decision. You must ask the entertainer before they begin. Some entertainers may charge extra for photographs.

If that’s the only party contact number you gave us, just check your voice-mail as often as possible. This is important because you can see if the entertainer has called and left messages about your party.

Yes, the entertainers may ask you to reimburse them for their parking expenses. Parking expenses are not the same as travel fees. Travel fees are disclosed by management before the show is booked and is always paid to the entertainer in cash. Nationwide Strippers does not retain any portion of the travel fee or parking expenses. Please call us immediately if an entertainer attempts to collect a travel fee without prior notification by management.

Note: It is OK for entertainers to charge for things like pictures, whip cream shots, special games, etc…

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Thanks for taking the time to find your question! If you still need answers, the best method to reach us is through email.