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Bachelor Party Planning Mishaps

Planning a bachelor party should be fun and exciting. I know it’s hard for guys sometimes but a little planning goes a long way. Stagg parties have not evolved too much since the time of cavemen, so there shouldn’t be too many surprises. The following blog outlines some pitfalls to avoid when ordering female strippers.

Fat Female Strippers
Fat Female Strippers

Fat female strippers can be a wonderful thing if you ordered them for novelty reason. Most of the cases of horrible bachelor party experiences involve ordering entertainment from subpar stripping agencies. Many adult entertainment agencies deceive the client by allowing you to select female exotic dancers that do not work for the company or exist at all. Some companies claim that the dancers you choose of the dancers that show up to the party. When you call to complain that you received a 45-year-old fat female stripper, the company can respond that you actually chose her (from a picture when she was 20 years old).

Another common mistake most guys make when planning a bachelor party is choosing a location that does not allow exotic dancers or other similar restrictions. You can’t just reserve a hotel room and expect to be quiet when a sexy stripper pulled out all the stops to impress you and your friends. You should always tell the hotel connoisseur your party can be potentially allowed so that they can separate your room from the other clients who want to sleep. Bachelor parties get busted all the time from the hotel calling the police to kick out everyone from the room and they do not give refunds. If this does happen, don’t be the jerks who yell out ‘who ordered the cop stripper!’ If a female police officer shows up. A great idea would be to have a female police officer stripper show up to the party soon after everyone gets there so you can scare the bachelor with a pleasant surprise.

If you have a private party, be sure to stock plan on all and always double what you think you might need. Most parties run out of alcohol past the liquor store hours and end up cutting the party short. Bachelor parties are a great excuse to consume 10 times what you normally drink. You know your friends better than anyone else and if you think that you a lot, be sure to have food that can stay out for hours because that potato salad might not have been green when you bought it.

Bachelor party planning is very simple because it doesn’t take much to impress guys, but for the main event, you want to pay attention to the company that you are using to provide entertainment. There is nothing worse than collecting money from all your buddies and then having two or three fat old female strippers that should have retired 15 years ago. If you do enough research you will find Hunks and Babes provides well-trained, young female strippers they go above and beyond to make your party memorable for all the right reasons.