Boston Female Strippers For a Sports Party

Sports Party Strippers, Boston Style

My friends and I work very hard as stockbrokers on Wall Street. Our profession is extremely stressful and in order to let out some of that steam we need to play just as hard as we work. A group of us started a new tradition, during the summer months we would take a few short weekend trips to different ball parks across the country and indulge ourselves in all of the finest things that the city we were visiting had to offer. We’d fly out to a different town, catch a baseball game in a famous ball park, get a good dinner, and then to top off the evening we would order a few local strippers to come to our hotel room for some entertainment. There is nothing more relaxing than having a few beers, watching a great game of baseball, and then enjoying some beautiful exotic dancers to cap off the evening.

One of our favorite trips was to Boston. Fenway Park was just as amazing as we expected it to be. Our home team, the Yankees, played the Red Sox in an ultimate Royal Battle. The Yankees were on a run since the All-Star break and were only one game back from the Red Sox. The timing of our trip could not have been more ideal. The Yankees pounded the Red Sox and won 10-3. After that victory, what better way to end the perfect evening than to have some beautiful Boston female strippers show up to your hotel room to entertain you? And I have to admit, the strippers in Boston were pretty damn fantastic.

We ordered three exotic dancers from a company called Hunks and Babes that has female strippers available across the country. I was excited to find out that there many strippers in Boston to choose from. My friends and I had used Hunks and Babes several times before in different cities…much to our satisfaction. The girls from that company have always showed up, been incredibly attractive-looking, and they have always showed us a real good time. But that night exceeded all of our expectations. I’m not sure how it was possible, I think the guys and I had some streak of fantastic luck going on that trip, but that evening three of the hottest chicks in the country were in our hotel room. And one of them was a blonde, one was brunette, and the other was a feisty little red-head. All three of them were in incredible shape and were friendly, frisky, and flexible. These Boston strippers knew how to have a good time and were easy to get along with.

We all know what ended up happening at the end of that baseball season, The Yankees came in a disappointing 3rd in their division behind the Red Sox and the Red Sox went on to make it to the Championship Series. So I guess that I have to concede to you my dear neighbor Boston, in 2008 you had the better baseball team and you also get the award for having the hottest exotic dancers around!