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Chippendale Dancers

Chippendale Dancers
Chippendale Dancers

There is no better way to celebrate a bachelorette party than to have veteran Chippendale dancers perform live for you and your guests. Male strippers do not only provide a gateway for the best adult entertainment for females, these dancers display a magnificent blend of power, speed, strength, and agility that will make any girls fantasies come true.

The concept of male exotic dancers was brought to Somen Banerjee and his partner Bruce Nahin by a gentleman named Paul Snider. The addition of modern music, themed shows, and professional choreography were synergistically combined by the founding fathers forth mentioned. The entire concept of Chippendale dancers originated in Los Angeles and spread worldwide very quickly.

Today, hundreds of male strip shows across dozens of states are performed live every weekend at various bars, nightclubs, and private venues. More modern versions of the fantasy characters played by the Chippendale dancers include policemen, firemen, and the businessman. There is always a large welcoming response to cowboy strippers which is the second most popular request next to police strippers.

Most girls see these private male Revue shows together with other groups of bachelorette parties because of the secure environment these strip shows are performed in. Because of recent economic conditions, stripper discounts are offered to large parties and some establishments allow their customers to bring their own alcohol.

The old-school ballet or Broadway type dancing is updated with more modern music and hip-hop style shows which attracts the ready to be married demographic ages of early 20s to mid-30s. Currently, more and more gentlemen’s clubs are offering Chippendale dancers as part of their lineup for entertainment offered. Bachelorette parties are now the main attraction for strip clubs during off-peak hours. After the bachelorette party is over usually early on a Friday or Saturday night, the female strippers come in and perform for the guys until early hours of the morning.

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