Hot fun with ChicagoStrippers

If you are looking for the best looking female strippers in the nation, you should probably look in the northern states. Chicago girls are full of smiles and unbelievably friendly. With gyms on every corner, and a wide selection of health-conscious restaurants, it is not unusual that the hottest girls in the city are ChicagoStrippers. Chicago is home to a number of elite universities, famous strip clubs, and well-known bars which supports the growth of exotic dancers.

I visited a friend whose coworker was having a bachelor party in Chicago. This is where I first observed how good-looking the female strippers from Chicago were. They were a lot taller than the girls I saw in Orange County. I think one of them was an extra in the Batman movie “Dark Knight” which was filmed mostly in Chicago. My friend called a stripping agency that finds the hottest girls in the area from local strip clubs and colleges to send out to bachelor parties and other group events. I was more impressed with the dexterousness of her moves and ability to hide a 120 Pearl necklace. There were three female strippers total, in which the first performance seemed innocent after witnessing the other two strippers together.

After the party was over, all I could think about was who I can marry so that I can have my own bachelor party with girls like this – it was utterly remarkable. Well, I do not want to get married right away, but when I am ready, I will be sure to use the same stripping agency that my friend used in Chicago – Hunks and Babes. When I got back to California, I called that same stripping agency and was so impressed with how hot the female strippers they sent, this party is now a monthly occasion. Maybe it was the alcohol, or just being in a different environment, but I still believe the female Chicagostrippers are the hottest around!