Miami Strippers From a New Yorker Perspective

Miami Strippers From a New York Chef’s Perspective

I am a New York chef at a prominent 5-star restaurant and have developed rather a keen taste for the finer things in life. Whether it is an Arawak cigar by Jean Jarreau, a slice of Parisian brie drizzled in some white-truffle oil a-top a crusty baguette, or the warmth of an expensive Cabernet Sauvignon… I like to enjoy life’s luxuries and extravagances. I’ve worked hard for both my stature and scrupulous wealth. But my frantic schedule and late night hours in the restaurant were leaving me with less and less time to take pleasure in anything. I realized that I needed an escape. The relentless New York winter had left me longing for some warmth and desperate for rejuvenation. I was in the mood for something spicy, and I have found that when you want to find something spicy, you go to Miami. The Dominican babes from South Florida will always beat the talent of New York strippers on any given day.

I’ve always had a penchant for exotic dancers. They fulfilled my appetite for excitement, sensuality, and aesthetic appeal. For me, women are like exotic cuisines. Each has its own basic structure native to their environment but then each holds subtle variances that add character. There is something delectably exclusive and refreshing to the female strippers in Miami. The women are warmer, friendlier, and they exude sexuality. Miami strippers have depth in their appeal. Their laughter and conversation is even seductive. The women also have undeniable rhythm and body language and the most beautiful voluptuous curves to their bodies. They can move as gracefully as a ballerina one minute and then be rapidly pulsating their hips the next. These tanned and toned beauties radiate confidence in every step that they take. I noticed the difference in the caliber of women during my first trip to Miami. The gentlemen’s clubs here were made to stimulate and electrify all of the senses. The Miami strippers will do all that they can to guarantee that the customers are happy, entertained, and satisfied. I vowed to return to this Garden of Eden at least once a year.

This last trip was no different; it left me feeling invigorated and re-energized. Miami strippers are certainly one of a kind, skilled in their trade beyond compare. The beach was breathtaking, the cuisine was delightful, but most of all, memories of the music, the dancing, and the images of majestic hard bodies of the exotic dancers will keep me warm over the course of the winter. And if not, I just might need to sneak away for another trip to Miami.

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