New York Male Strippers Perform the Best Revue Shows

New York Male Revue Shows
New York Male Revue Shows

Single New York women have many places to choose from when it comes to going out. It can be fun to hang out with a large group of friends but sometimes those can get really catty. How many times have you been out with your friends and got into an argument over a guy or something else silly. Leave your troubles behind and catch a strip show featuring the hottest New York male strippers performing live!

Sometimes it gets very redundant going to the same nightclubs and bars in downtown Manhattan. It cheers me up to go once a month with a group of girls to experience an all-male revue show. The Marquee nightclub hosts a strip show for girls every third Friday of the month. I’ve never seen such good-looking guys in one place.

My favorite New York male stripper is named George who comes out dressed like a cowboy. He takes a girl from the audience and ties her to a chair. He continues to remove his clothing piece by piece as he gets down to his thong. The club fills with roaring applause as George continues his exotic dance routine. There are seven other male exotic dancers to perform during the night, but they fade into the background as my attention focuses on George the entire night.

The fun part about the whole night is that there is no stress dealing with drunken guys at bars. New York male strippers are very kind and courteous to their female fans and never disrespect them. It is too bad that most girls only see male strippers for bachelorette parties. My girls and I go every month on a regular basis to see the hottest NY hunks wiggle and jiggle their hot bodies onstage. Having a girl’s night out helps our relationships because of the balance it creates by forcing time away from our husbands and boyfriends. Next time you’re visiting the Big Apple, you should stop by and see one of the best male Revue shows in the country!