Las Vegas stripper

In September of last year, I flew out to see my friend who worked in Las Vegas. After I arrived, he asked me to be his best man and plan his bachelor party before the wedding in April. Normally, this would be a simple task, but his fiancée is a well known Las Vegas stripper. I faced problems that best men do not even come close to running into – such as the groom’s future wife knowing any exotic dancer I invite for entertainment. Even if no one took pictures, rumors will get back to his fiancée and I will be responsible for the breakup. Besides the adult entertainment, the rest was easy because I get the best catering, liquor, and place to throw it.

Lucky for me, I was referred over to a service that specializes in bachelor parties across the nation. This stripping agency was able to direct me to their online site which enabled me to choose from a repertoire of gorgeous female strippers in Las Vegas – all while I sat in my New Jersey home. I spoke to Christy who insured me that they would send a stripper who do not work off the Las Vegas strip. My friend was a manager at Caesars Palace, so having the best hotel suite in Vegas was not a problem. Everything came together in the bachelor party was successful. The exotic dancers that were sent could not be hotter or friendlier. Thanks to HB Strippers, the final moments of my friend’s bachelorhood were filled with embarrassing moments that did not get back to his fiancée.

One phone call to this stripping agency lifted all the stress off my back and allowed me to focus on other aspects of the party which were just as important. I highly recommend anyone planning a bachelorette or bachelor party to contact this company do not get engaged to a Las Vegas stripper!