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St Louis Strippers
St Louis Strippers

Louisiana is not the only place that has Mardi gras parties. St. Louis is a golden nugget in the Midwest which hosts a wide range of bars and taverns to complete an ultimate guy’s night out or bachelorette party. The St. Louis strippers who work at gentlemen’s clubs will make your heart skip a beat and make you never want to leave Missouri.

The gentleman’s clubs in Missouri are not as lavish as the ones in Las Vegas or New York, but the quality of female exotic dancers surpasses that of all strip clubs in major cities combined. The Midwestern girls who work at the strip clubs have excellent personalities and are very personable to talk to. Every time I go to Las Vegas, girls always want to hustle me into spending way more money than I have. The high pressure sales from these strippers take away the lighthearted experience. The sweet female St. Louis strippers always put my mind at ease at a price that will make it last all night.

The other day my friends and I ordered two gorgeous St. Louis exotic dancers to perform at a local bar for my best friend’s birthday party. My friend John ordered from an online company called Hunks and Babes Strippers. Jenny and Belle showed up to do a two girl fantasy show live at the bar we were at! I’ve been to a few strip clubs before and have never seen anything like what these two girls did at this bar in St. Louis. Without giving too much away, my friends and I all participated in the tricks and games Belle and Jenny had us do.

I had to stop at a local convenience store to pick up an extra pair of shorts because my jeans were completely torn off at the party! Jenny used one of the legs from my jeans as a headband, and the rest of my jeans were used as handcuffs to tie down my friends. Needless to say, I had an amazing time and would recommend anybody visiting Missouri to order some hot female St. Louis strippers from the same company I did.