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Top Reasons for Different Private Stripper Prices

Since the rise of more online stripping agencies, prices for hiring private exotic dancers have dramatically fluctuated recently. Some of the reasons are highlighted here and caution should always be used when researching the legitimacy of any company. This is mainly to help any first-timers looking to hire a private stripper for entertainment.

Quality of service varies broadly across the industry.

Happy customer ordering strippers.New companies do not have the same talent as an agency who has consistently given business to veteran dancers. Veteran dancers know the importance of maintaining body structure, hygiene, and improving the stripping routines to accommodate all types of crowds. Most amateur companies are created by a retired stripper who has a few friends that would like to work for them and try adult entertainment.

Experienced dancers who are highly requested only need to work for one agency. Other dancers who do not have the right look must work for multiple stripping agencies to compensate for the lack of business they get. This leads to problems when two separate agencies book the same stripper for the same date and time slot. This increases the chance of you not receiving the entertainment you requested.

The level of service you request may also increase the price of your stripper.

Male dancers may charge for pictures and full nude, but that’s about it. Female strippers on the other hand can perform various tricks to entertain the crowd and therefore are generally more expensive than their male colleagues.

If you never had a female stripper perform at a private party before, then you might be shocked at the amount of total price you spend after the entertainment is over. Be prepared to spend at least double what the base fee is in tips. Most girls will do a standard show and expect more money to pull out all the stops. Examples include interacting with other female entertainers, involving special props including handcuffs and whips, or even more intimate experiences with whipped cream. There can be an entire article written on what female strippers do at private parties, but just know that you have to pay extra money to see something you may never get to experience again.

Your location greatly depends on how many extra fees are added to your total.

Local Strippers
Strippers make more money near major cities.

Strippers are paid according to the market in their state they do business in. Unfortunately, top strippers do not get higher base fees than less requested strippers. They do however make more money in tips because clients want them to stay longer and get more involved with the audience. It is true that some ugly strippers are sent home early before they even complete their show.

Exotic dancers have to pay for their own parking, gas, or any other travel expenses. Almost every agency that charges travel fees gives 100% of that money to the stripper to keep. Without travel fees, strippers will never travel more than 30 miles from the base city location. It is harder to find strippers who work in cities with lower populations because of the infrequent business they would get as a result. From a dancers perspective, they could perform 2 strip shows the amount of time it would take them to travel over an hour to and from a location outside of their main coverage area.

There is nothing more true than the saying ‘you pay for what you get’.

Have you ever gone out to a lower end restaurant and get a five-star meal? No, and you would never expect anything great. The same applies to brand-new stripping agencies that hook you in with the lowest possible price. If the reverse were true, you would call the agency and demand your money back for anything less than what you expected. This principle helps weed out the bad agencies because they cannot survive on poor service. The best exotic dancers in the country know how to get more money from clients by performing their best. They want to work for agencies that give them consistent business and have a great reputation for quality.

Hope this article sheds some insight into an industry that is never in the spotlight. Most clients are in the dark when it comes to ordering strippers online and are confused on how much a stripper should cost. Stripper reviews found online can be misleading and fabricated. Recommendations from friends who ordered strippers from the past should be considered but not fully relied upon. Unless you have that exotic dancer’s personal cell phone number your friend has experienced, it is difficult but not impossible to get that same entertainer for your party. Keep in mind that bodies can change over time and do not be afraid to ask for recent pictures of any stripper you are looking at. So continue to shop smart and have fun at your next party!