Mummy-Zombie Male Strippers in Los Angeles

Mummy-Zombie Male Strippers in Los Angeles

Hey Hunks and Babes! I wanted to thank you and tell you how awesome you guys are. I was looking for the best male strippers Los Angeles had for my best friend’s bachelorette party, and I found your website through a search engine. Your site was so much easier to navigate through than some of the others that I visited. I really liked how easy it was to be able to just order my Los Angeles stripper online. I also really liked how I was able to email some of the other girls the link to the guys I wanted so we could all decide together which one of the male strippers we wanted to book. This made it easy to agree upon the LA male exotic dancer that the bride would like the best.

The bachelorette party was supposed to be a surprise, and luckily we were throwing it at the end of October. The bride was a little outrageous and adventurous, so I wanted to skip the whole traditional bachelorette party route. My girl friends and I decided to have a costume party and just tell the bride that it was a regular Halloween party as a ruse. But then a day before the party, it dawned on me that it would be super funny if the stripper showed up in a costume too! So I had to call your company back, and see if it was possible for you guys to send over our male stripper dressed in a sexy zombie costume. Since it was a last minute change, I was worried that you guys wouldn’t be able to follow through but you promised to contact the dancer and to do the best that you could.

The party got started at my house and around midnight Steve showed up dressed as a mummy. The bride had no idea what was going on. He came in and set his CD player down and then he did a little mummy zombie dance. My group of girls pointed out the bride and then the male exotic dancer approached her and started taking his costume off. The look on her face was priceless!! And let me tell you when he started peeling of his layers from head to toe revealing his hot body, we all just about passed out. This guy had to be one of the most entertaining strippers in Los Angeles. The rest of the party was fantastic. Steve even stayed longer than he was supposed to and took pictures with all of the girls.

I’m glad that my girl friends and I had the opportunity to throw my friend a party that was a little goofy, lots of fun, and really exciting. She couldn’t have been more astonished at the visual pleasure of engaging sexual positions with a hot male mummy zombie stripper. If you are looking for male strippers in the Los Angeles area, Hunks and Babes is the best company to call. They have a great web-site, fantastic staff, and most importantly, the friendliest and hottest male strippers in the area.

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