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3 Surprising Blunders Destroying Your Jersey City Bachelor Party


This all appears like common sense, but generally gets disregarded in the party planning.

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you have already avoided the #1 blunder destroying your bachelor party.  Continue reading and find out the others before you choose any Jersey City bachelor party strippers.

Procrastination is Painfully Unpleasant

You’ve got this one aced!  You’re already looking for bachelor party strippers prior to your party.  Last minute planning a few days before your bachelor party is doable.  However, wanting to hire a decent exotic dancer at 9 p.m. the same evening, is difficult to impossible.

Waiting till the last minute ensures you will more than likely book a less desirable B-list stripper for your bachelor party, or worse yet, you and the guys will be wearing matching bachelor party shirts and watching porn instead.

And be prepared, most companies charge extra money for last minute bachelor party bookings, and yes you’re still going to get a B-list stripper.

Poor Communication Will Leave Your Balls Feeling Knotted Up

The second mistake is routinely overlooked. What is the groom and his friends anticipating?  Who knows about the bachelor party?  Have the bachelor party invitations been sent out?  Some customers told us their groom turned away our exotic dancers, not that the strippers weren’t hot and sexy enough, but because a fiancé would not allow it.

Don’t let this happen to your bachelor party!  By being vigilant, you can prevail.

Try utilizing private group messaging through Facebook. Forward the groom and his friends a quick survey. Or better yet, Meet-up at the Orale Mexican Kitchen on Grove Street, or one of your other local favorite spots.  You get the idea and on your way to a private room with Jersey City bachelor party strippers!

Don’t Be A Nagging Nancy

This last problem will make you wish you never threw a bachelor party.  Ask each of your bachelor party invitees to pitch in some cash well BEFORE the exciting night! Your wallet will thank you.  And, you will have avoided becoming that guy, the nagging friend everyone tries to avoid.

Booze, lodging, food, entertainment, limousine, and tipping can add up to $1000 or more.

One last thing, find out how many friends are coming to the bachelor party.  Nothing is more aggravating than having 24 pizzas for five friends.

Order Your Jersey City Bachelor Party Stripper Today

Now that you have some new found insights on how to plan your bachelor party, access the power of our service to make your bachelor party something they’ll never forget!  We deliver you our top Jersey City bachelor party strippers at an affordable price every time.  Scroll back to the top and pick one now!