Best Stripper Chicago Has Seen

For your next anniversary, try to stay away from the expected Swedish backrub after filet mignon and champagne. I am talking about offering him a surprise he will never forget. Kama Sutra, melting chocolate on his body, and handcuffs combined will not be as successful as becoming the best stripper Chicago has seen. This work in progress, the masterful striptease, is an aesthetic hallmark of seducing the opposite sex. There are a few key points to putting on a good show.

First, set the mood for the night. It is important to create a stress-free atmosphere in which all attention can be focused on each other. Main distractions need to be eliminated including all media devices such as a phone, TV, and radio. Soft lighting or dim lights will help along with a selection of music that you like.

Next, you need to prepare yourself mentally. The most erotic feeling is communicated through intrigue and seduction. There is a symmetrical balance between the interest you shown him any attention he gives back to you. You want your man to be seduced by your self-confidence and aptitude to tease him in a way where his approval or disapproval as a non-impacting result on your performance.

You cannot change your physical appearance within one day, but you can elevate your level of hygiene to a pristine condition. Basically, you need to shave or wax so your skin is as smooth as that silky outfit you picked out for him. Be sure to make your hair soft and manageable so that it flows and bounces naturally without hairspray or gels. This enables you to use her long hair to drag across his chest and other parts of his body to get them excited. You can also rent stripper poles online and practice a few nights before hand. To help flatter your physical appearance, you might want to use a light sesame oil to get her skin tone and even in healthy appearance.

Then you need to choose an outfit that fits your body. If you’re not comfortable wearing your stripper outfit, there’s a good chance your husband will pick up on this by and get turned off. It is your best interest to layer your outfit so that there is enough to take off over a longer period of time. The longer he has to wait in anticipation, the more he is going to enjoy your anniversary present. You can wear the usual corset and stockings, or if you’re feeling a little bit ambitious, try the schoolgirl or dominatrix outfit.

Finally, plan your dance moves. The best female strippers have multiple tricks they perform in sync with basic filler moves. Save your hard earned money and do not waste it on purchasing stripper videos or movies on how to striptease for your man. The best way to learn how to perform a striptease is to visit your local gentlemen’s club and receive a lap dance for yourself. You might accidentally spawn a career as an exotic dancer!

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