Hot Strippers Chicago Style

I have become obsessed with Chicago city nightlife. Aside from the weather, moving to the Windy City from Arizona has been the best idea I’ve had since renting hotels to throw my birthday parties. Chicago truly ignites my inner passion to indulge my senses with five-star restaurants, clubs, bars and women.

Gentlemen’s clubs in Chicago are one of the few places in the world that can happily tie my favorites together under one roof. I enjoy consuming finer foods in the presence of the most breathtaking strippers Chicago has to offer. Not to say that a filet mignon dinner from Ruth’s Chris isn’t bad, a rack of ribs served by an exotic dancer with a rack is always better. Sometimes my friends from the Chicago Board of trade meet me up on a weeknight to celebrate a successful day. We also go when we have a not so great day which seems to be the case more often now because of the unpredictable markets.

Chicago exotic dancers are surprisingly more interactive and friendly compared to the Vegas strippers I saw at my college buddy’s bachelor party. They had a personable approach and did not hustle you for cash.  Some strippers took shots with us and stuck up interesting business conversation. That’s right; Misty gave me tips on how to use body language to help increase attention and confidence back at the office.  Any intellectual conversation with a female stripper is rare in any case, but is common with Chicago strippers. This is proven true with Chicago stripper outcall services. Every female dancer I booked through HBstrippers was hot and partied with the group when their shift was over. My buddies call it luck, but I have a feeling deep pockets has something to do with it.