Bubba is the Best Fat Male Stripper in Chicago

fat Chicago male stripper
fat Chicago male stripper

Your girlfriends are having a great time at a local bar. The lights dim and the music stops and you hear a loud obnoxious knocking on the door. The door opens and reveals an angry old man with a ripped up flannel shirt, straw hat, dirty jeans with holes in it, and a brown suitcase that looks like it came from the 1950s. This old man happens to be Bubba, the long-lost boyfriend whom the bride-to-be used to date.

Bubba introduces himself to the mother of the bride as well as the mother of the groom. He is a jealous boyfriend ready to crash the perfect bachelorette party. Bubba still has to prove that he is worthy of the bachelorette’s affection, and continues to perform a striptease to win her over. Bubba’s striptease goes down in history books as the best novelty performance by a fat male stripper. He wears a slingshot thong underneath his raggedy clothes and does a great job with his theatrical performance at the ex-boyfriend.

Most fat male strippers do not go as far as Bubba does. He performs a stripper move that guys half his age dream of doing. You’re going to have to order him for next bachelorette party in Chicago to find out exactly what that entails. Novelty exotic dancers in other states wish they can follow Bubba to see what he does at his strip shows. He has been featured on Chicago morning news talk shows and bridal magazines.

The best way to use Bubba’s secret talent is to order him as a warm-up stripper for the bachelorette party. Your bride-to-be will think that you ordered him to appreciate her fiancé more. After he has finished with his performance, a second gorgeous Chicago male stripper should follow him and give the bride a performance she will never forget.