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New York Bachelorette Party

I would just like to thank HB Strippers for doing their due diligence by providing the hottest male strippers for the most exotic New York bachelorette party. I have frequented the many male strip clubs in the Big Apple like Chippendale’s, Duvet, Hunkamania, Manhattan Men, Savage Men, and the Mansion strip club. Me in the girls got to experience Charlie, John, and Logan all perform at the same show at the W. hotel in New York City. The talented young men that work for the stripping agency made the bachelorette feel like a queen and perform a tasteful show that everyone liked.

It was a New York all-male revue show extravaganza squeezed into our modest hotel room. I tipped the bellboy a little bit extra not to contact authorities if we became too loud. About an hour into our party, a loud knock on the door startled everyone at the party. Of course the bachelorette had to answer the door to discover three good-looking New York police officers standing there. One of the guys pulled out a boombox and began to play his music. All the girls were screaming as Charlie began to slowly unbutton his uniform. He revealed his hard chiseled abs and then handcuffed the guest of honor to her chair.

The other two “officers” John and Logan joined in on teasing the bride-to-be which made the greatest New York bachelorette party in history. All three of these gorgeous male strippers knew how to dance and move their bodies in such a way that made all of the girls weak in the knees. A few whipped cream body shots later, the show became the most memorable party that I ever had in New York. I’ve only been to a few other bachelorette parties that only had one male stripper or dancers that just look like average guys off the street. If you ever want hot guys like the ones I had for the bachelor party that I went to, be sure to contact Hunks and Babes.

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