Chicago Bachelor Party

Chicago bachelor party
Chicago bachelor party

Having a bachelor party in Chicago is one of the most unforgettable experiences as long as you do not drink too much to remember it! There are dozens of strip clubs that will be more than happy to accommodate you and your guests for a private VIP party. Sometimes you can get complementary bottle service if you bring enough of your friends. Hot female waitresses will serve you all night long with a friendly smile and flirtatious attitude. If you think that hosting a Chicago bachelor party inside of a gentleman’s club is too much over-the-top, then consider ordering Chicago female strippers to perform at your friend’s house.

Getting a friend to host a bachelor party at his house is not an easy task. There is always a danger of police getting involved for being too rowdy, but the biggest concern would be the destruction of property. Dozens of over served gentlemen can be destructive to bathrooms, carpets, hardwood floors, and small household pets if the bachelor party is held indoors. The best way to trick your friend into using his home for the bachelor party is to tell him he does not have to pay for alcohol and will get free lap dances all night long from the hottest female exotic dancers Chicago has to offer.

Getting hot Chicago female strippers to show up at your bachelor party is simple. All you have to do is go online to the hunks and babes website and order hot female dancer (or dancers) from the list of photos. You can always psych out your Guest of honor by warming him up with chubby Jan who is a fat female stripper whose eye-catching dimples will be sure to make any man sick to his stomach. You can take even a more bold approach to fooling the bachelor by ordering him a Chicago male stripper to dance for him while he is blindfolded. The look on your best friend’s face after he takes off the blindfold and sees a Hotmail stripper in front of him will be priceless. You might want to order two girl fantasy show afterwords to make up for his dramatic experience.

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