Chicago Strippers

Chicago has the HOTTEST Strippers

As a well-traveled business man, I have seen a lot of places. I know what each city has to offer. If you are looking to find the best female strippers, Chicago takes that title. The girls from the Windy City can really blow your mind. A lot of people wrongfully assume that Vegas strippers are the best. I’ve been to Vegas and the strippers are talented, but you can see it in their eyes that they are more concerned with making money than having a good time. I have been to LA, and while they have some of the most beautiful women in the world, they aren’t necessarily the most hospitable. I like the girls from Miami, they are exotically beautiful and have excellent rhythm, but when it comes down to it, Chicago strippers have the total package.

I will admit, Vegas girls know more pole moves than any other girls I’ve seen, but when I am paying for women to entertain me, I want some personal attention. Sure, swinging all around a pole and hanging upside down is sexy, but I want a stripper to pay attention to me. Chicago strippers know how to give excellent customer service. They know how to be seductive and to have some fun while they are working. I have been to the strip clubs of Chicago and I have also been to a bachelor party there that had private exotic dancers. Both experiences were wonderful. The strippers in the club were extremely fun and friendly, and the private party was even better. The strippers from the agency were all about having a good time. These girls stayed afterwards and partied with us and posed for some crazy pictures.

On my next trip to the city, I decided to hire an exotic dancer from an agency to come and entertain myself and some of my colleagues in our hotel room. I thought that they would appreciate the extra attention and high caliber stripper. My colleagues could not have been more impressed. They thought that the girl coming to our hotel room was so much better than sitting in a club all night competing for attention with dozens of other guys. I knew that having a girl come up to the hotel room would guarantee that we had a great night after working hard all day long.

And Chicago strippers are just as beautiful as the girls in California and Miami, but a lot more down to earth. Their Midwestern roots have kept them grounded so that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They must have thanked us one hundred times for picking them and using their agency. Chicago strippers have fantastic bodies, great attitudes, and are fun-loving. I can not wait for my next “business trip” to Chicago.

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